Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Your Destination to Ethnic Inspired Jewelry "88Links"

Always inspired by Detailed Designs and Art, when I came across Jewelry Line, 88Links I was compelled to reach to the Designers, Lady and Lord Steel.
This ethnically inspired jewelry line is the epitome of classic technique and artisanship. Drawing muse from Greek, Indian, Egyptian and Mexican styles; each piece looks like a timeless link. Hence, when asked what inspired the name, 88Links, designer Lady Steel, said, the Feng Shui number for her and her husband (Lord Steel) is 8, which also happens to be Lord Steel’s favorite number and the year they were married. Along with the number 8 being an infinite symbol, it is a perfect representation of their jewelry line.
The 88Links collection of toe rings, bracelets, arm bands and necklaces are all hand-made by Lady Steel and Lord Steel. These items are influenced by history and fantasy, giving customers a uniquely modern but antique style of accessories. Lady Steel feels the collections stands alone  from other jewelry collections by “remembering the past when creating the future” and wants to be represented in marketplace by the uniqueness  to provide jewelry that represents many eras and cultures.  The contrasted personalities of Lady and Lord Steel, authenticates each project. Lord loves color, and contributes history and composition; Lady constructs that vision with design simplicity.
“88 Links is designed to make you feel special and enhance personality. I believe feminine can be tough and beautiful can be strong”.
Lady Steel is currently working on creating new items with rustic metals and precious stones to add to the 88Links collection. In the next couple of years Lord and Lady Steel would like their line to be one that can make people happy all over the world!
88Links currently sells on Etsy and Pretty Pink Toes in the UK.  So if you’re looking for the elegant style of the past, mixed with the modern appeal of ethnic culture, 88Links is the look for you.
You can find 88Links on Facebook and Twitter.
Checkout a few of my favorite pieces below:
Primitive Upper Armband

Empress Butterfly Armband

Egyptian Chain Mail Necklace

Fantasy Fringe Necklace

Summer Shine Toe Ring

Green Turquoise Toe Ring


  1. Thank you! So are you! Keep making that lovely jewelry!

  2. I didn't realize the reason behind your shop name, Lady - that's awesome! Great feature. :D

  3. I can strongly recommend Ethnic Jewelry and Adornment. The photographs of the pieces are magnificent.