Friday, April 29, 2011

Sport The Jumpsuit

This Spring Jumpsuits are the sporty and chic way to transition from day to night!

Not only are jumpsuits comfortable, but they are dazzling with versatile style. Instead of a dress, consider this "chi chi" trend. Try a halter, one shoulder, tubed or wrapped jumpsuit. Also try picking a bold color or sexy print. Throw on some accessories and it's time to show up and show out for a dashing and modern night out on the town!

Checkout some of our favorite Celebs sporting this emerging trend

Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Lopez

Heidi Klum

Gwen Stefani

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vitamin C Clothing

For all those that know me, then you know I’m the biggest “Health Nut” and how ironic, that one of my good friend’s introduced me to an upcoming clothing line inspired by “Healthy  & Active Living”: Vitamin C Clothing.
Atlanta based designer, Chloe Harper started Vitamin C Clothing May 2009. Having an extensive Fashion Background: interning for Diane Von Furstenberg and working for Ebony Fashion Fair; Chloe decided to become hands on by  taking her  industry knowledge and passion to a whole new level. Giving women an affordable and stylish clothing line to balance all their wardrobe needs, Vitamin C celebrates women who live life in action!
When asked how she came up with the concept, “The reference of nutrition came from wanting my clothes to be something people could consider daily staples (just like fruit and veggies). Vitamin C will ensure you have a well balanced wardrobe…Have you had your dose of Vitamin C today?
With sizes ranging from 4-24, Vitamin C is for all shapes and sizes. Chloe wants  women to feel comfortable and confident when wearing her clothing.  Having the versatility to wear for day or evening, this line is made to accentuate the body perfectly!
Currently working on her summer collection, Chloe is looking forward to expanding her company with accessories, a men’s line, an inexpensive line for Target and eventually the Chloe Faith Harper Signature Collection!
I see lots of success for this young designer doing her thing in the “A”! So get acquainted with Vitamin C and “Revive” your wardrobe today!
Checkout  some of the Chic pieces from Vitamin C Clothing below:

For more information on Chloe and Vitamin C Clothing checkout
Facebook Friend Page: Vitamin C –Clothing
Facebook Fanpage: Vitamins C Clothing
Twitter: @GetYourVitaminC

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Move Your Body"

As a part of Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" Campaign, Beyonce teamed up with the First Lady to fight childhood obesity with a new dance video "Move Your Body".

Being a Health and Fitness Nut, I love the concept! Beyonce is very influential and I believe this will definitely get the kids moving. It's all about finding something you love to do to get the momentum flowing. Dance is such fun and great way to enjoy yourself while burning calories, so get to Dancing and MOVE YOUR BODY!

Exotically Cuffed

I was browsing through my favorite jewelry sites and I swear Delfina Delettrez never ceases to amaze me with her exotic and even gothic designs. ( I truly believe I was a goth in my former life, always drawn to edgy rockstar glam)

 When I scanned through Delfina's newest collection of cuffs, I was immediately drawn to 3:

The Puffed Pearl

The Chained Fringe

The Pearled Spider Eye

These babies are brazenly bold and definitely attention getters! So if your looking to adorn your wrists with some of the most fascinating jewelry I've ever seen then you need to get hip to Delfina's avant garde designs.
Be Chic!

Facebook: Delfina Delettrez

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's day is just around the corner, so if you are still looking for some last minute gift ideas then let's go!
Checkout a few of my favorite finds to keep your mom up to date with all the latest trends!
Have a Fabulous Mother's Day Fashionistas!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sarah M. Jewelry Designs

Are you a confident woman who loves strikingly beautiful jewelry with an artistic flair? Then you need to checkout Sarah M. Jewelry Designs.

I met designer, Sarah Morris when I was a student at FIT. Sarah was designing jewelry as a hobby then, but after numerous inquiries and wanting a more fulfilling work environment Sarah decided to start her own business, Sarah M. Jewelry Designs. Currently selling on Etsy, this skillfully handcrafted jewelry line is for the sophisticated and stylish woman!

 Using various gemstones and beads, while focusing on innovative trends, Sarah is constantly inspired by beauty and uses her New York City background to fuel her creativity. All the designs are personally handcrafted by Sarah who uses- silver findings to ensure her customers receive a unique and timeless piece of jewelry that is represented with a high standard of quality and fine detail.

Currently working on a bridal collection for a friend’s upcoming wedding in Malibu, Sarah is diligent to take the Sarah M. Jewelry collection to the next level. In the upcoming months, Sarah  would like to get her namesake collection in retail chains and high end retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman and Barney’s NY.  One of Sarah’s long term goals is to eventually create a line for QVC, HSN or Shop NBC.

 One of my favorite pieces in the Sarah M. Jewelry collection is the “Empowerment Bracelet”. The Empowerment Bracelet honors and acknowledges one’s higher self.

“Our- Soul is a direct expression of ‘I AM, the most powerful words in the universe that manifest what you identify with your Self.” 

Sarah created 7 charms to reinforce that philosophy:
I AM Beautiful
I AM Blessed
I AM Focused
I AM Loved
I AM Thankful
I AM Worthy

The silver token charm design has the “I AM” inscribed on the front and the Flower of Life symbol on the back. The Flower of Life origins are found in Ancient Egypt, a geometric shape from the platonic solids; meaning, its embryonic construction is the foundation of organic life, music, language and most profound---consciousness. What you believe and what you have faith in will manifest into your reality. So when you wear this bracelet, it will remind you to believe in yourself so that the universe will conspire in your favor!
"I AM"-Front

Flower of Life symbol-Back

I encourage all my jewelry lovers to checkout Sarah M. Jewelry Designs and let the beauty and philosophy of her designs inspire you to the greatness Sarah is accomplishing!

For more information please checkout Sarah M. Jewelry Designs:
Facebook: Sarah M. Jewelry Designs
Etsy: Sarah M Jewelry

Checkout a few Chic pieces from the Sarah M Collection below

Friday, April 22, 2011

Peace Eco-Chic

In light of today being Earth Day! I comprised a Polyvore Set of some of my favorite Eco-Green Products to get you more in tune with Peace and Tranquility in your Life!

Happy Earth Day!


Succulent Lip Twin by Pixi Beauty

Ok Ladies time to let you all in on my new favorite beauty item.
Pixi Beauty's Succulent Lip Twin is the Business!!!
This miniature lip balm duo, also acts a blush, so you get 2 benefits in 1! The lip balm is very smooth, with a nice tint of color which is in the tube and the cheek tint comes in the cap.
Formulated with jojoba oil, aloe vera, vitamin e, lavender extract and shea butter your lips and cheeks will get an all natural certified moisture quench with long lasting nourishment!
Priced at $18.00 this fabulous item comes in 4 colors: nude lily(my fav), coral camellia, pink peony, and red poppy!
So the next time you are out shopping for a new lip gloss, give Pixi's Succulent Lip Twin a try!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Perfectly Pearled in Pink

This set is solely dedicated to one of my favorite Fashion Designers and Friends @DiaryofJoli' aka #JoliRichard!

I consider my personal style to be eclectic edgy, definitely dark and charismatically chic, a fusion of my personality and what I'm attracted to instinctually! However, Miss Joli' is Solely Sexy and Feminine! When I came the Pearl Petel Dress by Rare Opulence I was totally tapped into the Romanticism and Femininity of Pearls and the Color Pink! Two Very Ethereal descriptives for the Chic Lady: Pearls and Pink Epitomize Classy and Elegant!

As Diary of Joli tagline says  "Unlock Your Style", my muse was definitely Unleashed into Soft Womanly Luxurious Stylized Glamour!

Thanks Joli! XOXO