Tuesday, September 18, 2012

M2 by Mary Margrill

M2 Mary Margrill Jewelry – High-end luxury jewelry collection as seen on every Hollywood A-lister: Kate Winslet, Jennifer Anniston, Beyonce to name a few! Mary Margrill’s Jewelry is a conversation piece. “A conversation worth having”. 
Mary Margrill is Hollywood’ s GO TO custom jewelry designer! For the last ten years she has been creating trend-setting designs that now adorn the necks of Hollywood Stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Heather Graham, Demi Moore, Halle Berry, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts, Beyonce, and even Aston Kutcher!

Perhaps because she is creating pieces that are more than an accessory – they have personal meaning and inspire change! Just as The Secret did years ago with the idea of a “vision board” – Mary Margrill creates quality jewelry with words of wisdom, or a spiritual meaning to them – so when one wears it on a daily bases it almost becomes a mantra: to trust in the positive energy of our lives and ultimately gain strength from it.
M² by Mary Margrill (pronounced M-squared) embraces a vision of universal harmony and at the same time entices us with the sparkle of diamonds and the luster of gold. A MUST HAVE layerable in every woman’s closet, and a high-end fashion statement that reminds us to be more loving towards others, or to believe in change, and have faith in our destinies! (check out the renowned SKIPPY DIGGY® line).
Mary Margrill is creating imaginative, trend-setting designs that embody her unique vision of elegance and style, coupled with the human need to communicate. “It is what we think, feel and communicate that define our destinies” Mary advocates ---- NOW THAT’S “A conversation worth having!
It is no wonder why celebrities and many more flock to Mary Margrill’s jewelry. Her pieces are sublimely steeped in spirituality, delicate design and powerful wisdom.
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Butch Diva Rocks NYFW

Alright now Fashionistas, Stylistas and Divas with a touch of Butch to accentuate your Fierce Flame!
It's Fashion Week and that's right Brooklyn's very own,
Butch Diva will be Rippin The Runway!
Get Ready for Even More SPANDEX +CHAOS!
The Show is called EXTRATERRESTRIAL!
You can best believe Miss Fabulous Tiffany Rhodes has pulled all the magic out for a Very Sexy Show!
Collaborating with Omar Alexander on unisex pieces and Opio Chung on Headwear!
You Don't want to miss it!
The Event will be hosted by Roxy Cottontail
with After-Party Immediately Following!

So Be There with SASS + FLARE!
Wednesday, September 12th
Rooftop @The Thompson
190 Allen St. Between Houston and Stanton
RSVP Required Please Contact:

All Press and Photography Please Contact butchdiva@gmail.com


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This Evening Starting at 5pm NYFW kicks off with
 Joseph Abboud Showing at the NYPL and 6pm the with the Style Page Awards.
However, tomorrow officially launches Sp'2013 NYFW.
 FNO kicks off with an array of Events!
 Each day until September 13th the runways will be showcasing some of the Hottest Designs so Get Fashionably Ready for the Week ahead!
To Checkout all the Fabulous FNO Events Checkout
To Stay Up to Date with All the Fashion Shows and Live Coverage Checkout
For Continual Coverage on and off the Runway, checkout :The  NY Times Fashion & Style Section, and NY Mag The Cut Blog!
Happy Fashion Week Fashionistas!

Loyalty is Royalty

Nardesigns Creator and Graphic Designer, Bernard Campbell, started a movement back in 2010 called Loyalty is Royalty.  

At the end of 2011 a clothing line was launched and it sparked attention of a few investors, but when creative differences arised that didn't stop Bernard's hustle.
Now with regained control of the brand, Bernard is looking to move forward making the movement bigger and better!
The Inspiration behind the Slogan, "Loyalty is Royalty" is simple
LOYALTY: Faithful; Trustworthy
ROYALTY: Status;Power
Put the two together you have a priceless promotion:
 Quality is always better than Quantity...
Hard Work and Dedication are always key components in any type of relationshi: business or personal!
With a few fashion shows behind his belt and stores selling the line...the Loyalty is Royalty Movement is continuously looking for ways to expand!

Exit 21 Magazine Ad
Bernard Campbell with Model Heather Bianchi
DJ Kotic wears Loyalty is Royalty on BET's 106 and Park

So Get Involved With The Movement!

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Instagram: @nardesigns