Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jewelry Designer of the Week: Fiona Paxton

London based jewelry and accessories designer Fiona Paxton, surely has the eye-catching ability to turn heads and drop jaws! When I spotted her jewels at Henri Bendel's I was blown away! Talk about Tantalizing Artisanship!

Fiona' designs are the epitomize her distinctive indiviuality, fusing Indian, British Punk, Japanese Fashion of the 80's and German Bauhaus Movement!

Innovative, Native Inspired and Chic, all of which made Fiona Paxton My Favorite Jewelry Designer of the Week!

Checkout my favorite pieces below!

Proeza Schouler "Avant Garde"

Proenza Schouler designers, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough, were inspired by surfing and skating with their Spring/Summer 2010 collection. “We wanted something young, something that felt fresh, so we looked to surfing and skating, the things we grew up on.
For handbags and shoes this construed brightly colored sporty chic designs. Handbags: Wild, with animal prints and multiple bright color combos. Shoes: Wedge heel woven sandals, materials from snakeskin and suede, with neon detailing. Both are ravishingly avant garde, and definitely eye-catching!
So if you feel like taking a walk on the wild-side this summer, checkout the Proenza Schouler Accessories Collection and treat yourself to these “Chic Exotic” items!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sexy Booties

Chic, Sexy, Sleek and Sophisticated Ladies, it’s all about Booties for Pre-Fall! From Open Toes to Cut Outs, Booties are the “Fashionista Diva’s” must have when it comes to shoes. They are versatile and easy to wear, because they are streamlined designs you can wear with everything from jeans, skirts, pants and dresses.
Checkout a few of my favorite picks below.
Alexander McQueen Buckled Bootie

Christian Louboutin Flannel Lace-Up Peep Toe Bootie

Stuart Weiztman Lace-Up Peep Toe Bootie

Dior Buckle Detail Bootie

Jimmy Choos Cut-Out Bootie

Elie Tahari Elyse Snake-Print Cut-Out Bootie

Friday, June 25, 2010

Michael Jackson The Style and Music Icon

On this day, let us remember and continue to Admire Michael Jackson for all his work and efforts. Not only was he a Great Humanitarian and Music Icon; let's not forget how he blessed the Fashion World with his own innovative Fashion Sense that sparked a few Fashion Trends that will never go out of style: the Black Fedora, the Ray-Ban Original Aviator Sunglasses and the Military Inspired Jackets! Also, don't forget the infamous sparkle glove that became his signature performance piece.

Love MJJ forever with his Classic and Chic Style! RIP!

 Signature Black Fedora

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Military Inspired Jackets

Sparkle Glove

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nautical Jewelry

The Nautical Theme is apart of the Summer 2010 Trend, and of course my undying love for Accessories, ESPECIALLY Jewelry is Endless; so I've been on a quest to find some unique pieces to add a little "Nautical Refinement" to your wardrobe!

If you don't know about then check them out, they have some intricately unique fine jewelry at affordables prices. You can shop by Collection, Theme or Stone. What more could a CHIC~LADI ask for?!..Absolutely Fabulous Dahling!

Checkout a Few Of My Favorite Nautical Themed Pieces Below:

14K Multi-Color Enamel Nautical Slider Pendant

14K Gold Sea Life Charm Necklace

18K Gold Champagne Diamond Seahorse Pendant with Mother of Pearl Inlay

18K Gold Yellow Sapphire Octopus Ring

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kara Ross New York

When it comes to Jewelry, I love innovative style mixed with elegant architecture. Kara Ross New York displays a nice combination of both!

This line of Jewelry is very bold, and makes and intense statement. Using components which display rich color and texture, the "Kara" collection leads us into pre-fall Jewelry for 2010. This collection is very "Earth" inspired with Snake, Stingray and Oceanic Themes.

Exotic and Chic is what you can find at this Unique Accessories Boutique!

Checkout a few of my favorite pieces below!

Snakehead Collection

Snakehead Wrap Bracelet with Tiger Eye

Snakehead Ring with Hematite and Turquoise

Snake Infinity Earrings

Stingray Collection

Stingray Cityscape Cuff

Pyramid Ring with Black Stingray

Voodofe' @ Parkside Lounge Tomorrow

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pre-Fall Millitray Inspired Favorites

I Absolutely LOVE Camo, so of course I was excited when I came across these Fabulously Chic Pre-Fall Designer Camouflage Looks!


Tessuto Camouflage Bowler - Millitaire Green

Camo Platform Pump - Millitaire Green

Tessuto Camouflage Bowler - Fumo Grey

Camo Sport Sneaker - Fumo Grey


Burberry Lace-Up Ankle Boot

Christian Louboutin Flannel Over the Knee Boot

Get Fabulous & Get Millitary SEXY CHIC!

Paperless Post

Looking for a Chic, Eco-friendly alternative to send Dad a Greeting for Father's Day?
Checkout Paperless Post, a chic way to send a greeting, whether near or far, and perfect for those with the most discerning taste. Paperless Post is a website where users design and send cards digitally without sacrificing the traditions of classic, custom stationery. The cards have the look and texture of what you would find in a high-end stationery store, but the ease, eco-consciousness, and cost effectiveness of digital communication.
You can find a large selection of  cards at : Note Cards, Invitations, Save the Dates, Cards by Occasion, and Announcements.
Paperless Post is free to join, and there are 25 free stamps included with sign-up.
Become a Fan Paperless Post on Facebook and Follow on Twitter.
Spread the Word, Be Eco-Friendly and Digital Chic, Go Paperless with Paperless Post!

Cuff Links & Collar Stays

Classic Roadsters



Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Graffiti Inspired Clothing Line, Nardesigns has a few great things in making: clothing line, mixtape, and catalog/magazine all generated by a ‘Love of Fashion’!
 Inspired by the Shirt Kings, Bernard Campbell, founder and owner, has been working adamantly to make his clothing line a success over the past few years. I met Bernard about 7 yrs ago, he was one of the vendor’s set-up at the FIT Annual Block Party, and he’s always been in hustle mode, from videos to fashion shows trying to spread awareness about his brand.
Nardesigns, is inspired by many different influences: Music, Fashion, Graffiti  and Ancient Egypt to name a few.  When asked what do you feel separates you from other Urban Clothing Brands, Bernard replies, “I’m spiritually separated, I want promote inspiration and re-route the youth off the skull and bones designs  that represent evil and demonic culture”.  That’s DEEP and so is the newest project Nard, is currently working on called “Super Ugly” which is a line for the Female with “Confidence”.
The Super Ugly motto: “Is for everyone who doesn’t fit into today’s so called Standard of Beauty. We are all too Black, too White, too Fat, too Skinny, too Tall, too Short; It’s always some BS that tells us we need to fix ourselves , F That! Don’t waste your lives trying to live up to other’s people’s standards….Instead LIVE IT UP! We don’t give a Sh*t about being called Ugly, We are Superheroes of Self-Confidence We are Super Ugly”! Talk about Empowerment, this is definitely a movement I’m sure every female can embrace!
Nard, has been in Grind Mode for the past few months with his Movements’, doing Fashion Shows, Hair Shows, and other Events to make his brand ‘Buzzworthy’. His clothing is currently sold in stores: Central Station in Long Island, Truefactx in Queens; Coming Soon to Extra Butter in Rockville Center LI, Phresh Market in VA and in all the other Burroughs in NYC. His Mixtape “Graffiti Off The Wall” will be dropping this summer along with the Catalog/Magazine “Fashion Forward”.
If you want to stay update with this Urban Fashion Line on the Rise, Checkout Nard out on Facebook and Twitter! Stay Tuned!
Checkout  The Super Ugly Movement and Some of Nardesigns Below!