Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Graffiti Inspired Clothing Line, Nardesigns has a few great things in making: clothing line, mixtape, and catalog/magazine all generated by a ‘Love of Fashion’!
 Inspired by the Shirt Kings, Bernard Campbell, founder and owner, has been working adamantly to make his clothing line a success over the past few years. I met Bernard about 7 yrs ago, he was one of the vendor’s set-up at the FIT Annual Block Party, and he’s always been in hustle mode, from videos to fashion shows trying to spread awareness about his brand.
Nardesigns, is inspired by many different influences: Music, Fashion, Graffiti  and Ancient Egypt to name a few.  When asked what do you feel separates you from other Urban Clothing Brands, Bernard replies, “I’m spiritually separated, I want promote inspiration and re-route the youth off the skull and bones designs  that represent evil and demonic culture”.  That’s DEEP and so is the newest project Nard, is currently working on called “Super Ugly” which is a line for the Female with “Confidence”.
The Super Ugly motto: “Is for everyone who doesn’t fit into today’s so called Standard of Beauty. We are all too Black, too White, too Fat, too Skinny, too Tall, too Short; It’s always some BS that tells us we need to fix ourselves , F That! Don’t waste your lives trying to live up to other’s people’s standards….Instead LIVE IT UP! We don’t give a Sh*t about being called Ugly, We are Superheroes of Self-Confidence We are Super Ugly”! Talk about Empowerment, this is definitely a movement I’m sure every female can embrace!
Nard, has been in Grind Mode for the past few months with his Movements’, doing Fashion Shows, Hair Shows, and other Events to make his brand ‘Buzzworthy’. His clothing is currently sold in stores: Central Station in Long Island, Truefactx in Queens; Coming Soon to Extra Butter in Rockville Center LI, Phresh Market in VA and in all the other Burroughs in NYC. His Mixtape “Graffiti Off The Wall” will be dropping this summer along with the Catalog/Magazine “Fashion Forward”.
If you want to stay update with this Urban Fashion Line on the Rise, Checkout Nard out on Facebook and Twitter! Stay Tuned!
Checkout  The Super Ugly Movement and Some of Nardesigns Below!

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