Tuesday, June 8, 2010

norakaren's Wedding and Signature Shoes

Argentinean Painter/Designer Nora Gonzalez has a very beautiful and unique line of wedding/signature shoes norakaren.
After opening her Etsy boutique in 2008, Nora received an unusual request for a pair of hand-painted satin shoes. The shoes were such a ‘HUGE’ success; her signature line began to flourish.  Based on exclusive themes of peacocks, feathers, swans and flowers, the norakaren creations are for women who love style, brides and young girls looking to make a statement at proms/parties.  “In my designs, I try to display awesome moments in life:  colorful places, nature, and creatures; most of the things that inspire me to live a better life”.
Living in Florida, has been very influential in inspiring the norakaren line, “the colorful open skies and beautiful specimens, makes a day of work an opportunity to freely create”.  Not only do these novel designs inspired by nature, set Nora Karen apart from other lines, but each of the looks are hand-painted by the designer, capturing her own distinctively vibrant energy.
When I first discovered the norakaren line, I was immediately blown away by the intricate detailing of her designs. Each one of her creations are just as amazing and unique, as her personality. When asked what inspired her ‘Peacock Theme’, she replied, “I felt attraction to this bird that when strutting and opening its wings, shows royalty in every feather; for my bridal collection I needed to create an element that represents elegance with "something blue" and I think the peacock embraces the perfect combination of both". With a description as vivid as that, I see why each shoe looks like a stunning 'work of art'! The humbled designer  also feels honored to be able to  participate in one of the most important days of a woman's life, by adding her element to it.

Nora is looking forward to selling her shoes in bridal boutiques, and having them showcased on the runway soon.  “In the years to come, I’d love to see my shoes everywhere, and see people ‘happy’ when wearing them”.
In close, if you are looking to add signature style to your wardrobe or wedding, please checkout norakaren wedding and signature shoes  http://www.etsy.com/shop/norakaren  I guarantee you will find a gorgeous piece to compliment your own personality!
You can find norakaren on Facebook and Twitter, please support and spread the word!
Checkout a few of my favorite looks below:

Peacock Carousel

Peacock Emerald Green

Pearls 1950's Golden Era

Wedding Swans

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