Tuesday, June 1, 2010

'Brother'-s DOiNG SOMETHiNG'

Apparel Clothing Brand, ‘Brother'-s DOiNG SOMETHiNG’ is by far one of the most uplifting and empowering companies I’ve come across to date. 100% Black Owned, this company sets a great standard for all to live by “Be 1st ™ . DO SOMETHiNG!” ™.
Back in 1989, Founder Raymond Nix, was on a path of achievement and wanted to empower others by putting ideas that celebrated positive self-esteem and lifestyle, of his community by starting ‘Brother’-s DOiNG SOMETHiNG’.  21 years later, ‘Brother’-s DOiNG SOMETHiNG’ is more than just a clothing company, it is truly a powerful movement!
Forming a community called ‘BDS Nation’, this urban clothing brand is committed to celebrating “African American Heritage” by conveying uplifting messages and images for all, so that other great minds can connect and start a modern day revolution!  
I’m always game for great conversation, and my phone interview with PR Manager , Sean Xavier was very insightful and enlightening about this clothing line.  BDS, wants to be known as that ‘Feel Good’ Brand, for making clothes that promote the highest level of self-esteem, so that everyone will be inspired to ‘Do Something’; whether big or small, it’s about  doing something that feels the most ‘natural’ to you in order to create a wonderful environment to make a difference in the community”.
BDS is always working on innovative fashions to keep their fans motivated with style! In the years to come, BDS would like to have a College Rep placed in all Historically Black Colleges, and a well-connected Ambassador for every community globally, in order to help perpetuate their philosophy and brand!  So if you are looking to join a community of positivity and style, or need that extra motivational push, then “Brother’-s DOiNG SOMETHiNG” is definitely the place for you!
Get Connected! Sign up at www.brothersdoingsomething.com Fan them on Facebook and Follow on Twitter.
Feel the Experience Below “Be 1st ™. DO SOMETHiNG!” ™; Go make a purchase now and promote the movement!

Brother's Classic - Pure Black

Brownskin Men - Chocolate

Sisters Champion - Licorice

Brownskin Women - Coconut


  1. Ladi J. We are blessed to be in such good company. Onward, my sistah!

    Nix, just another Brother Doing Something.

  2. Thanks so much for the love! I'm so ever humbled to have made the acquaintance!