Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gabriel GForce Moreno

Besides my love of Fashion, my other reason for starting LADI CHIC Blog, is I have vast array of brilliant friends and contacts I have met that I believe the world needs to know! With that being said, let me introduce to Gabriel Moreno aka G-Force a talented producer and photographer!
I met Gabriel about 6 years ago and I’ve had the opportunity to see his budding skill set flourish in music and photography.  I’ve also had the opportunity to work with him on a photo shoot, and I must say the artistry that started out as a hobby, has now prospered into a professional journey!
Loving all aspects of music and photography, these creative worlds are Gabriel’s freedom of expression, as they both influence his vision of the arts.  Gabriel fuses both talents with a strong passion to inspire others: making music to move the soul and capturing beautiful moments to treasure for a lifetime!

Currently working a few amazing photo shoots available for your viewing soon! Gabriel presently has a new song out "Exclusive Freestyle" featuring Vado and John Connar that you can listen to and request on various radio stations. Gabriel is also working a video shoot that he is directing for an upcoming Hip Hop Artist named John Bracket. Sky’s the Limit for this multi-talented, Multimedia Mogul in the making!

Gabriel’s ultimate goal is to eventually own a multimedia company that will engage all ethnicities and impact the community! 

“Think outside the box, don’t be afraid to be original and learn how to take constructive criticism.”

To Stay Up to Date with Gabriel and his various projects,
Check him out on the following:

Facebook: Gabriel GForce Moreno
Twitter: @gforcetrackz

Friday, August 26, 2011


Here at LADI CHIC we love when Fashion and Philanthropy team up for a great cause!

Roshunda Buchanan Founder of 2Unique: a Magazine, Community Salvation Foundation and designer of a casual sneaker, is really making strides to impact her community through philanthropic efforts!

2Unique Magazine, a publication outlet that was created to Inform, Influence and Impact the Community!
2Unique Community Salvation Foundation, 501(c)3 Memphis based non-profit organization which employs creative methods to surround women, teens, and singles with a positive, caring and inclusive learning environment. Providing Programs and Initiatives for (Developing Ultimately to Nurture Change)

Find Your Design (Create a Game Plan for Your Life) -Offers Women, teens and singles, the opportunity to discover dreams inspiration and encounter identities.

Dream Your Way to Freedom and Rehabilitation Program- Assists Juvenile and Adult ex-offenders with smooth transition from incarceration to freedom. Developed to help with employment, education and transportation.

Raising Cain- a Parenting Program founded and directed by Geanender Harper out of great need to resurrect Christ in Child-Rearing.

2Unique Shoe, A Casual Shoe designed to further promote and finance the social and philanthropic endeavors of the 2unique Conglomerate; proceeds of the shoe will be used to benefit the foundation’s direct service programs, to help enrich the lives of those in need!

When you talk about building a brand and connecting with the community nothing rings more permanent and impactful as 2Unique!

A Unique product with rare initiatives to assist and re-build!

Philanthropy at its finest!

So I urge all of my readers to bond with and support this upcoming brand; and explore opportunities to construct these charitable endeavors within their community!

For More Information and to Stay Connected with 2Unique
Facebook: 2Unique Magazine
Twitter: @thisis2unique

Thursday, August 25, 2011

One In A Million...RIP Aaliyah

10 years ago today at the tender age of 22, a Beautiful Spirit Ascended Amongst the Heaveans...
Aaliyah Dana Haughton
Gone Too Soon, but Definitely Not Forgotten!

The Music Industry as well as fans still mourn the death of the talented RnB Singer, Songwriter and Actress.

Truly One in a Million, let us remember that like Icons before her, Aaliyah helped pave the way for some of today's pop stars such as Ciara, Keri Hilson and Rihanna. 

We should be inspired by Aalyah to live each day to the fullest, remebering life is precious and should never be taken for granted!

RIP Aaliyah!

Tune Into BET Tonight
Tribute Special
Aaliyah One In A Million
8pm Est

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Candy Coated Lifestyle

Candy Coated Bags, Just Got another Glaze of Sweetness!

Owner of Candy Coated Bags, Stephanie Valentine, has partnered with multi-business holder Shelia Cox to take the handbag company to heightened lusciousness!

Candy Coated Bags and its Blog  facilitates the enhancement and development of young girls, to nurture self –love and goal achievement. Showcasing Business Ownership and along with great product to enhance uniqueness, Candy Coated Bags is your one stop shop for colorful therapy in the world of shopping; Be Candy Coated offers the latest news and trends while fostering individual style!

This partnership will definitely be one to watch as the Fall Season approaches (tentative launch date expected November 1, 2011). Both Ladies have such strong passion and drive that will further push this wholesome and nurturing brand to meet the needs of its consumer Fashionably with Sugary Sweet Style!

So Stay Connected with this Candy-Styled Pair…
They are sure to add that extra sugar coating to your spirit!

Online Boutique: (under construction)
Twitter: @CandyCoatedBags

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Docutape

Thank You To Everyone that Supported Eleven28 Entertainment's
Album Release Party On Monday!

The Docutape is Now Available for your Viewing!

You can now Download The Docutape Soundtrack
on iTunes

Support Organic Music....Be Inspired!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Eleven28 Entertainment presents The Docutape

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The Docutape Trailer

Album Release Party Tonight


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The Haute Chick

Encouraged by family and friends, Sheila Cox , with overwhelming enthusiasm decided to launch her first online store specializing in offering new and aspiring designers and fellow business owners a platform to sell and expose their products at

 “I realized that most women have a passion for fashion and that I was not the only one whom desired to expose my stylish ideas. The industry has a host of clothing designers, jewelry designers, and retailers seeking additional exposure for their businesses and their products. There is enough room for us all, but why not be an advocate or additional source to sell and market your products. So, in addition to selling my own personally selected items, there are shoe companies, fashion designers, and accessory suppliers whom use my site not only to grow their business clientele, but to network and expand their demographic”, said Cox.
 Simplicity and affordability are the guiding principles of this website. From the design to the transaction process, everything has been structured with the customer in mind. The Haute Chick displays a limited number of products from rings, necklaces, earrings, shoes, clothing, and few stylish extras. Minimal products are offered so that consumers may purchase with ease and the decision making process is not perplexing. The shopping cart checkout has also been created in its simplest form by using PayPal.
 Visitors can find a wide variety of style which exudes the name “Haute Chick”. The online boutique intends on expanding it product offerings to get the stylish look of celebrity fashionistas.

“We currently carry brands such as Twisted Soles (shoes) and Joli Richard (celebrity stylish and fashion designer), just to name a couple. We have even custom designed a few signature jewelry pieces for Joli that we will soon carry as well.”, says Cox. 
“Our test market feedback, regarding the product line came from over the world, we are truly excited and proud of what we have created. We hope to be widely known for giving new and rising industry designers the opportunity and resource to drive the attention they desire to their craft.” said Peet
 The online boutique, , launches today August 15th, so check it out and accessorise with some HAUTE & CHIC Styles from THE HAUTE CHICK.

Also checkout
The Haute Chick



The Haute Chick

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Writer's Block

Here at LADI CHIC we Ultimately Love Philanthropic Efforts to Re-build the Community, especially when it comes to creating a future for the youth! A few weeks ago, I was introduced to Writer's Block from another great blogger.
I was immediately intrigued by the message behind the brand,
"It's about Literacy and Not Fashion."

Created by Terrell Pierre Johnson, Writer's Block by definition is a condition, and Terrell is working adamantly to to transform that condition into a movement, to assist those who suffer from another condition, Homelessness.

It's detrimental for the youth to not only be literate, but to also have an outlet for expressing themselves. I'm sure so many probably have emotional and stability issues because of their situation. There is an uplifting and impactful way to help them rise about it, and I encourage everyone who reads this blog to go to Writer's Block website and purchase a T-shirt, to help make a difference in the literacy and education of the next generation!

Don't let your efforts stop there, get involved!
 Look for ways within your community to help make a difference in the lives of other's.
 By helping one person you are deciding to become a part of the solution...
So Let's Evolve to Resolve the Unfortunate Issues that Plague our Community!

For More Information on Writer's Block checkout

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Tulle Hearts Campaign

Fashion has a “TULLE HEART”

Fashion Designer Dominique Auxilly and Osei PR Team up for The Tulle Hearts Campaign: a six month campaign to raise awareness of issues plaguing America, with a portion of monthly sales donated to an affiliate charity!

The campaign kicked off today August 1, 2011 with: Homelessness In America specifically how it affects mothers and children!

Auxilly has partnered with Caring Hearts Loving Hands Ministries International and will donate 10% of August 2011 sales directly to families in need.

The Tulle Hearts Campaign utilizes the Dominique Auxilly brand to highlight issues, while dispelling fashion industry stereotypes.

Fashion and Philanthropy at its FINEST!

You too can help! Simply ‘LIKE’ The Tulle Hearts Campaign on Dominique Auxilly and Osei PR Facebook Pages, offer charity suggestions and find out where/how to donate!

You can also post pics of you helping out your favorite charitable organizations to the page. Each month Auxilly and Osei PR will select their favorite fashionably philanthropic images and the winner will receive a limited edition “The Tulle Hearts” Tee.

For Updates on The Tulle Hearts Campaign Visit:
Facebook: Dominique Auxilly
Facebook: Osei PR
Twitter: @OseiPR