Friday, August 26, 2011


Here at LADI CHIC we love when Fashion and Philanthropy team up for a great cause!

Roshunda Buchanan Founder of 2Unique: a Magazine, Community Salvation Foundation and designer of a casual sneaker, is really making strides to impact her community through philanthropic efforts!

2Unique Magazine, a publication outlet that was created to Inform, Influence and Impact the Community!
2Unique Community Salvation Foundation, 501(c)3 Memphis based non-profit organization which employs creative methods to surround women, teens, and singles with a positive, caring and inclusive learning environment. Providing Programs and Initiatives for (Developing Ultimately to Nurture Change)

Find Your Design (Create a Game Plan for Your Life) -Offers Women, teens and singles, the opportunity to discover dreams inspiration and encounter identities.

Dream Your Way to Freedom and Rehabilitation Program- Assists Juvenile and Adult ex-offenders with smooth transition from incarceration to freedom. Developed to help with employment, education and transportation.

Raising Cain- a Parenting Program founded and directed by Geanender Harper out of great need to resurrect Christ in Child-Rearing.

2Unique Shoe, A Casual Shoe designed to further promote and finance the social and philanthropic endeavors of the 2unique Conglomerate; proceeds of the shoe will be used to benefit the foundation’s direct service programs, to help enrich the lives of those in need!

When you talk about building a brand and connecting with the community nothing rings more permanent and impactful as 2Unique!

A Unique product with rare initiatives to assist and re-build!

Philanthropy at its finest!

So I urge all of my readers to bond with and support this upcoming brand; and explore opportunities to construct these charitable endeavors within their community!

For More Information and to Stay Connected with 2Unique
Facebook: 2Unique Magazine
Twitter: @thisis2unique

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