Monday, November 29, 2010

Kushyfoot - Flats to Go!

Ladies let me tell you about the next big thing to surface on the radar! KUSHYFOOT-Flats to go!

If you are a shoe lover like me, than I'm sure your wardrobe is filled with a nice range of 3-4inch heels and if you live in NYC then you know walking and standing in those type of heels can wreak havoc on your feet!
The New Fashionable Alternative, KUSHYFOOT-Flats to Go,slip neatly and easily into your purse in its cute clear plastic carrier!

These soft, flexible leather flats are an instant, yet elegant relief for the problematic issues acquired by wearing heels overtime for long periods. Featuring an elastic back for better fit and unique 3-Dimensional Wavy Sole, that cushions and massages the foot as the wearer walks; these babies are Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor surface!

The KUSHYFOOT-Flats to go come in  3 colors: Black, Silver and Gold! Conveniently price at $8.99 they run sizes 5-10
So make sure you look for them  in your local drugstore or go online to purchase a pair at

Friday, November 26, 2010

June Archer's 13th Annual "Celebration of Life"

Invites You to The 13th Annual
June Archer
Celebration of Life
Charity Event/Fashion Show

Saturday, November 27th 2010
@Union Station
One Union Place (Inside Train Station)
Downtown Hartford, CT

$20 Donation before 11:28pm/$25 after
VIP: $30 (Limited VIP tickets available) Includes VIP Area Access, Butlered Hors D'oevres, Gift Bags

Dress Code: All Black Affair - Dress to Impress
Ladies: Sexy Chic Fashion / Gentlemen: Collared Shirt/Blazer Highly Recommended

*Proceeds to Benefit Concerned Citizens for Humanity

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Spirit of Gold

Haute Metallic's always make a statement, but GOLD by far is warm, glitzy and oh so glamorous! Seen all over the runway for Fall 2010, Gold is definitely a HAUTE way to accessorize for the Holiday's. Adding Metallics to your wardrobe with a few Gold Accessories, will definitely make your Personality POP!
Gold can undeniably jazz up any daytime or evening ensemble! So Get Into the Spirit of Gold and checkout a few of my favorite Gold Accessories for Fall

ABS by Allen Schwartz Gold Link Necklace
For the Sophicated Lady

Kenneth Jay Lane Gold Bead Stretch Bracelet
For Jazzy Glamour Girl

Stephen Webster Superstud Ring
For The Statement Ring Lover

Michael Kors Chronograph Watch
Every Woman Needs an Oversized Watch

Eric Javits Patent Round Wristlet
Flirty Girl Fun

Lanvin Ombre Python Ballerina
Flats are Alway Fly!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

Yesterday I had the luxury of working the behind the scenes setup for Lanvin's H&M Fashion Show at the Pierre Hotel! Talk about FABULOUS!!!! Everything was decked out "Parisian Couture Style"!

Haute Couture enters H&M with a Bang! Talk about Fabulous....Embellished/Layered Accessories, Fabulous Dresses and Suits! Jeweled T's, and Shoes to Die For!  What More Could a Fashion want? Haute Designer Clothing at one of the most popular stores across the Region is definitely a Win! The Collaboration is undeniably an indulgence for every Fashionista! So Get Ready to go Shopping Ladies!

Checkout som of the Fabulous Pics of the show Below!

My Model Eliza Working the Runway

My Other Model Hailey Sporting the Maid Outfit

Red Haute

Sexy Black Glamour

Garment Bag Fashion

A Spin on Wedding Couture

Thursday, November 18, 2010

DaLipstick Bandit Cosmetics

Checkout a young lady who is living proof you can start out with one agenda, and find  new purpose in another!

Felicia York, makeup artist and proud owner of DaLipstickBandit Cosmetics, had a set plan of going to school to become a lawyer; but as we all know when life hands us lemons, it’s up to us to make the lemonade! While in school and working a side job to make ends meet, Felicia came in contact with some Fierce and Glamorous Transexuals  who encouraged her to tap into her inner DIVA and pursue makeup!
Spending countless hours teaching herself makeup application, researching the industry and accepting free gigs in her early days, Felicia began to PER-FECT her craft and officially started the DaLipstickBandit Cosmetics in 2009. When asked how did she come up with the name, Felicia responds “joking around with one of my friends about my love of the graffiti culture around nyc, if I was to tag on buildings my name would be “The Lipstick Bandit”, something about it just resonated nicely so I stuck with it.”  The name and logo are certainly an artistic expression as is Felicia’s work; definitely makes a boost for branding!
I had the pleasure of meeting Felicia at the recent Boss Network Influencers Tour in NYC, and Felicia is certainly a Diva who knows how to Hustle Hard! Currently selling a line of all natural body butters, she will be adding Shampoo and Hair Masques next year.  There is also talk of working on a possible cosmetics line in the future.  Felicia is Beauty & Features Editor of Manik Magazine, an online mag for the curvy fashionista who wants to add a bit of Edge to her look! Felicia will be teaching a “Fundamentals” Makeup Class December 4th in NYC for more details and to enroll checkout  Finally Felicia has an opportunity go to London for 2011 and working on a sponsorship to get there a stay for 3 months, for donations please check out  Go Felicia, a Maven Making Moves ‘By Any Means Necessary’ and this is only the beginning!  Felicia is on the move to doing a lot of great things in the years to come, so stay connected with Felicia and all her endeavors!
You can check Felicia out on following: Blog   Site   Manik Magazine  on Twitter @dlbcosmetics  Facebook DaLipstickBandit Cosmetics and TheBossNetwork Felicia York
Checkout a few pics of Felicia’s work below

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Black Girls Rock!

I was Tagged in this Powerful Post on FB this Morning that I had to share! Due to a few glitches, and honestly wanting to reach more than my FB friends, I felt the need to Post for a Larger Audience, because this affects so many Women and we all need to really evaluate ourselves and how we treat each other!

Please read, and by all means share and support your Fellow Females! <3

A friend shared this with me, and I thought it was worth passing on!BLACK GURLZ YOU ROCK!When I first heard of the movie "For Colored Girls" I got so excited. I had the idea of getting as many women together that I could think of to go see this movie. I had visions of group discussions and moments shared with one another that would lead to healing and growth, I guess I kind of imagined a Women's Empowerment Conference type of setting.Well after I shared my idea with a few women, reality set in and I realized that so many of us wouldn't be willing to participate for various reasons: You don't like me, you don't care for somebody I might invite, you only hang out with certain people, you don't understand the big deal about Tyler Perry making yet another movie about black people and our issues for all the world to see, you don't like crowds, so and so is too ghetto, such and such is too uppity etc...It has ALWAYS amazed me that we as black women are each other's biggest critics. We are the quickest to bring each other down, find each other's faults and nitpick at a sister until she has nothing left, nothing left to give and then we step over her and call her worthless.We take the prettiest women and tear them down for thinking "they are cute" but turn around and dog the average sista because " she know she should take better care of herself than that - can't believe she got a man!" We call strong women female dogs and accuse weaker women of riding somebody else's coat tails.We tell a big sista to put down her burger and turn around and criticize a skinny woman for not picking one up. We ride the loud mouth woman for "talking to darn much" and likewise torment the quiet woman for "Being too quiet and needing to take up for herself" Sad part is we don't discriminate, we talk about everybody!!!I've watched women dog out everybody from Oprah for catering to white people and Halle Berry for not being able to keep a man to young Willow Smith for acting to darn grown in her recent video. All of these females are successful and there is something about each one of them to be proud of but a lot of us can't seem to see that. I have to wonder since we all share a common thread (whether we want to admit it or not) is there something about ourselves that we don't like, what has happened to us that we cannot seem to get along.Why is that we fight amongst ourselves, backstab and steal each others men (only to find out we should have left him where we found him)?We cannot seem to be unified to support and stick up for one another. Everybody seems to be out for themselves while other groups unite against us but nobody else has to bring us down because we trample on the spirits of each other daily.Even if you live in a mini mansion, drive a luxury car, have good credit, rich handsome husband etc, this does not mean that should look down your nose at the woman with 4 kids, no husband, living in income based housing struggling to keep her lights on.We ALWAYS think the grass is greener on the other side, I had a woman who's child father is MIA tell me that I should never complain because I receive a decent amount of child support and I laughed and let her know that I would gladly give every dime back if he would come relieve some of this overwhelming pressure of feeling inadequate as a parent.If I could get just one full night of sleep or not always be on the verge of losing my job because I'm the one that has to call off or leave work for one reason or another to accommodate my child - yeah he could DEFINITELY have his money if I could have some peace!Money alone doesn't make you happy (not true happiness), good credit doesn't keep you satisfied, beauty doesn't make you any less insecure, fame doesn't make you less vulnerable or cause you to be a good judge of character and being stuck up and mean doesn't keep you warm at night or prevent you from being lonely.You don't know how the sista sitting right next to could have carefully put on her make up this morning to hide the beating from last night. The teacher you handed your child over to this morning could have sent her children off to school from a dark house with empty bellies. The teller you just got rude with at the bank could know that today is her last day on her job and have no idea how she is going to survive past next weekend.The sista at the office that appears so busy could be typing her goodbyes to all the people that she loves because she plans to blow her brains out tonight after she tucks her babies into bed. The woman you pass in the hallway could be on her way to have an abortion because she fears what others might think or how the woman that sent you this e-mail may drink an over abundance of alcohol every night to mask the nightmares of an abusive childhood.Ladies we HAVE TO DO BETTER! I'm not suggesting that we all like each other and be phony, but I am asking that we all try to respect each other. You HAVE NO IDEA what the next woman is going through, you don't know what past or current hurt and pains have shaped her into who she is today. We spend so much time trying to be as strong and hard as we are expected to be that we end up cracking from the inside out piece by piece.If we would spend 1/3 of the time we spend tearing each other down to build someone up, encourage someone, show someone some love, we could truly make a difference and save someone's life. PLEASE don't be the straw that breaks another woman's back. Believe me when I tell you that there is a woman out there that needs your smile, your hug, your support, your prayer.I hope that you read this and get something out of it other than a laugh and that you pass this on to as many women as you can to let someone know that you believe they are somebody special and that if need be you are available to listen. Nothing bad is going to happen if you don't forward this e-mail but I'd like to think that something positive will happen if you choose to pass it along. May favor be extended to each and everyone of your lives, keep your head up and know that someone somewhere cares!
Louise Rutherford

Padma Lakshmi Jewelry Collection

As an avid lover of Accessories, I'm extremely excited when I come across fabulously exotic pieces. Needless to say Padma Lakshmi's Jewelry Collection is radiantly feminine and very much ethnically inspired! Derived from Africa, South Pacific, and Southeast Asian Influences, the collection definitely makes a bold statement!

Using Gold, Precious stones and other metals the NAV Collection is by far my fav. The Micro Collection is based on the ancient Vedic principle of the NAVARATNA. The philosophy states that wearing a Talisman with nine specific stones or gems that correspond to nine specific celestial planets can help balance a person's life force or prana. Talk about taking from Ancient Traditions...Jewelry with a dynamic energy and spiritual background!

Great for an ethnically inpsired look and for adding a newfound energy to your look and lifestyle!

Checkout my favorite pieces from the collection below

Gray Pearl Massei Necklace

Assorted Stack Bangle

Nav Earring

Nav Ring Set

Monday, November 15, 2010

Alicia Keys in Italian Vogue

Talk about ETHEREAL! After having a precious bundle of Joy Alicia Keys graces the pages of  Italian Vogue with a more than feminine transformation!

With a Chic metamorphis into glam and innocence, Alicia's spread shows us how makeup, hair and attire can add 'new life' to your appearance.

Try something new, indulge into the extreme and let the world be surprised by your creativity!

Get Frosted!

With the holiday's approaching rapidly, it's all about sparkle and shine! Make a statement at some of your holiday gatherings with a little frost, aka 'bling bling'. Whether Diamonds, White Topaz, Crystals, or Rhinestones find the perfect accent to boost your own shimmering spirit!

Check out a few of my favorite finds below

ABS Allen Schwartz Braided Crystal Necklace

Kate Spade Ice Queen Bracelet

Anthropologie Crushing Waves Bracelet

M+J Savitt Disc Earrings

John Hardy White Topaz Ring

Friday, November 12, 2010


With Coral aka RED being one of the trends for Resort 2010 Trends, the color alone, screams look at me!
It's so exciting and the most striking of all colors. Even though I was never a huge fan of red, over the years I've grown to love it.  Whether you love it or not much of a fan, Designers sure have a HAUTE way of using RED to create a Sultry Edge, because it is definitely a color to take you out of your normal comfort zone.

So step out of the OLD and into BOLD... Update your look with Spicy HAUTE RED!

Checkout a few of my favorite finds below

Narciso Rodriguez Volume Dress

Tabitha Simmons Ruched Suede Pump

Lanvin Jeweled Nyota Shoulder Bag

Kate Spade Red Glass Cocktail Ring

House of Harlow Gold Seal Cuff -Red Wax