Thursday, November 18, 2010

DaLipstick Bandit Cosmetics

Checkout a young lady who is living proof you can start out with one agenda, and find  new purpose in another!

Felicia York, makeup artist and proud owner of DaLipstickBandit Cosmetics, had a set plan of going to school to become a lawyer; but as we all know when life hands us lemons, it’s up to us to make the lemonade! While in school and working a side job to make ends meet, Felicia came in contact with some Fierce and Glamorous Transexuals  who encouraged her to tap into her inner DIVA and pursue makeup!
Spending countless hours teaching herself makeup application, researching the industry and accepting free gigs in her early days, Felicia began to PER-FECT her craft and officially started the DaLipstickBandit Cosmetics in 2009. When asked how did she come up with the name, Felicia responds “joking around with one of my friends about my love of the graffiti culture around nyc, if I was to tag on buildings my name would be “The Lipstick Bandit”, something about it just resonated nicely so I stuck with it.”  The name and logo are certainly an artistic expression as is Felicia’s work; definitely makes a boost for branding!
I had the pleasure of meeting Felicia at the recent Boss Network Influencers Tour in NYC, and Felicia is certainly a Diva who knows how to Hustle Hard! Currently selling a line of all natural body butters, she will be adding Shampoo and Hair Masques next year.  There is also talk of working on a possible cosmetics line in the future.  Felicia is Beauty & Features Editor of Manik Magazine, an online mag for the curvy fashionista who wants to add a bit of Edge to her look! Felicia will be teaching a “Fundamentals” Makeup Class December 4th in NYC for more details and to enroll checkout  Finally Felicia has an opportunity go to London for 2011 and working on a sponsorship to get there a stay for 3 months, for donations please check out  Go Felicia, a Maven Making Moves ‘By Any Means Necessary’ and this is only the beginning!  Felicia is on the move to doing a lot of great things in the years to come, so stay connected with Felicia and all her endeavors!
You can check Felicia out on following: Blog   Site   Manik Magazine  on Twitter @dlbcosmetics  Facebook DaLipstickBandit Cosmetics and TheBossNetwork Felicia York
Checkout a few pics of Felicia’s work below

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