Friday, April 30, 2010

Party with 18E & JaQuita

When: Tonight @ 9pm
Where: Peter The Great
238 Franklin Ave.
Nutley, NJ

21+ Dress to Impress
$20 in advance
$25 at the door

Lady Millard

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting with a fellow FIT graduate and dope artist, Diana Smith. Born in Jamaica, and raised in Queens, NY; Diana has traveled the world and wants to change the world through her art!

"I was born to save history and develop culture - I was born a poet - a dreamer - a monarch. Born with an urgent desire to fulfill destiny - born to live - born to be free - born to allow others to see freedom".
-Lady Millard pronounced "La'de Mill-ard"

Simply Stated, Powerful and Chic!

Diana embraces life, through her creations. In her mind, everything is Good and has Beauty. "God creates perfection and I just want to convey that message in my art"!

Diana's work has been featured in Jay-Z's "On to the Next One" Video.

Diana's work is currently on Display at Via Dei Mille in SOHO. If you have a chance within the next week, please go take a look, and support this Visionary/Artist.  For More Information, you can checkout

Cecilia Cassini

If you haven’t heard about Cecilia Cassini, then you better get familiar, this young diva fashionista is only 10 years old and she is taking over  the Fashion Industry with her Chic and Innovative Style.
Cecilia received her first sewing machine at the age of six and ever since, she has been making a name for herself! Cecilia has sparked so much awareness about her chic fashions, she was interviewed on the Today show yesterday with Jenna Bush Hager. Talk about “Buzzworthy” Notoriety!
Little girls are lining up all over the world to wear Cecilia’s designs!

What you see with Cecilia is Ingenious Kiddie Couture, that every young girl would love to wear. Besides being overly-talented, Cecilia exudes high fashion couture mentality. She loves to experiment with colors, fabrics, and different elements to create one of kind masterpieces. Cecilia’s fashions have been highlighted in Runway, Kids LA, Vogue, Daily News, Baby Couture and LA Times.
If you have a little girl and want to start her off fabulously with that Chic~Style, make sure you check out Cecilia Cassini’s Lux Fashions for Young Girls! I want some for my little girl ASAP!

The Art of Beauty

“The Beauty you carry within, is what you will find without”…One of my favorite quotes, and this statement holds true on many levels. It’s not only what we put in our bodies that reflects on the exterior, but also on how spiritually adept we are with God and Self, that also mirrors our internal and external beauty. There are simple, but very valuable practices we can do each day, to invoke the Beauty we all possess!
Tips for Internal Beauty from a Spiritual Level:
-          Always take time for self, you are your biggest motivator if you don’t encourage and believe in self, no one else will!

-          Make time each day to read motivational quotes and read bible scriptures to keep you one with self and God, after all we are a reflection of our Maker, make him look good as well! We Must take care of our mind, body and spirit!
Tips for External Beauty from a Spiritual Level:
-          Yoga is not only good for the mind, but the body as well, it helps to tone, and gain flexibility. Yoga gives you a calming, meditational approach to life.

-          Try some aromatherapy, smelling certain scents can stimulate spiritual awareness on many levels. I.E. Cinnamon is used to enhance and raise vibrations on a spiritual level, as well as stimulate your clairvoyant side, concentration, focus, and protect personal self.

Tips for Internal Beauty from a Healthy Perspective:
-          You will never hear this enough in your lifetime; drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water transports oxygen to your cells, removes wastes, and protects your organs and joints.  Drinking water also fights, dry skin, reduces acne and promotes shine and elasticity.
-          Eat more fruits and vegetables with Vitamins A, C and E to promote healthy skin. A diet that contains foods rich in beta carotene are great for the skin and turn into Vitamin A in the body.  Like A & E, Vitamin C, helps rejuvenate dead skin cells for healthy glowing skin. Stock up on berries, oranges and leafy greens!

-          You can also try out this new product Glowelle the Beauty Drink. Their motto is all about maintaining healthy skin from the inside out. The juice blends contain high antioxidant nutrients, botanicals, and fruit extracts, made with all natural ingredients: 2 forms, 2 flavors and 1 breakthrough formula. For more information checkout

Tips for External Beauty from a Healthy Perspective:
-          Get that body moving, find something you love to do, and do it. You’re more prone to stick with a routine that you love and will do it longer if you find it fun and motivating, as opposed to something you find strenuous and boring. Walking is always the least expensive and easiest form of exercise to do, try a 30-40minute brisk walk each day and work up to a jog. Also Some of My Favorite at Home Workouts: Hip Hop Abs, Insanity, Turbo Jam and Brazilian Butt Lift! Dudes, I know you are probably turning your noses up, but I will challenge you any day with my workout regime!

-          One of my favs, invest in a good beauty regimen for morning and night. This beauty routine should consist of a face wash, a toner, a moisturizer, a mask to use at least once a week. Try this homemade mask of 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt, and 1 teaspoon of sugar in the raw. Mix all the ingredients together and you will be amazed at the feeling of your skin after the first use! GLOW, GLOW, GLOW! Also, invest a few of my other favorite products for healing blemishes Pure Refined Emu Oil and Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick. They work fabulously!

Now of course to maintain a beautiful healthy body from the inside out, consult your doctor, before starting any workout regimen, we must maintain a healthy heart! And before starting your beauty care routine consult your dermatologist. Remember, not everything works for everybody, but find what works for you and WERQ!!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Sea Sponge

Most of us are becoming more aware of the chemical world we live in and how it affects us on a daily basis. It seems like every day there is a new study, in development on how chemicals are affecting everything from our food, to hygiene, cosmetics, clothes, toys, and household cleaning products. All of this can affect our bodies and skin, so in an effort to bring you chic style, let’s talk about chic beauty!
Sea Sponges are becoming more popular by the minute and if you didn’t know, now is the time too! Over 90% of the world’s natural sea sponges come from Tarpon Springs Florida off the Gulf of Mexico. Sea Sponge Divers dive and do crop rotations for natural sea sponges such as sea wool sponge, yellow sponge and silk sponge.
After I giving birth to my daughter, my mother-in-law a Florida residen,t gave me a sponge for the baby and myself.  After the first use, my skin felt so good, I was compelled to do research on the benefits of using a sea sponge over synthetic sponges. Here is what I found:
-          Natural Sea sponges can last as long as 10 years , while synthetic for about a week until they start to fall apart and get nasty with mold and mildew
-          Natural sea sponges have enzymes that inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria
-          There are no harmful chemicals in sea sponges like there are in synthetic sponges
(Synthetic sponges have the chemical, triclosan, which is classified by the EPA as a pesticide.) After finding this information out, I was sold on seas sponges for life! Why would anyone want to put on there body?!
-          Sea Sponges are all natural and safe and can be used on all skin types including a baby.
The Sea Wool Sponge is great for bathing and home use. When you bath with this sponge your skin will feel silky, smooth and clean like no other. So Invest in a sea sponge for the safety, healthy and fresh feeling of your skin!
After all, Beautifully Glowing and Radiant Skin is Oh So Chic!


Konvict, the new fragrance line by Akon for men and women, inspired by his 2006 Album Konvicted, each set marketed as two handcuffed bottles connected with a chain. Akon’s Marketing Team totally nailed this one, talk about Innovative and Genius!
Konvict’s slogan, Break Free Live the Dream, is dedicated to Akon’s Konfidence Foundation, committed to increasing public awareness of the conditions in Africa. The Akon Konvict Scents are sold 100ml Eau de Parfum (2 bottles each 50ml) sold for $41.95 at .With each purchase of these fragrances 10% of the proceeds will go to the Akon Konfidence Foundation. Support the cause and signify your identity with these creative scents.

Konvict Femme
Fruity and Fresh lemon and mandarin notes perfect for the day; delicious vanilla and musk notes for night.

Konvict Homme
Fresh aroma bergamot and lemon is perfect for a casual night out; its touch of sandal and cedar wood is just right for that special night.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Top Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With mother’s day literally a week away, show your mom or wife, just how great she really is with some Great Gift Ideas!  Here are my Chic suggestions:
A Purse
All Women love bags. The fashionably savvy mom needs a bag she can tote all of her essential items in. Checkout this Classic Hobo from Salvatore Ferragamo

A Scarf
With Scarves being the new trend for the season, spice up your mom’s wardrobe with a fabulous scarf. Check out these cool ones from Rachel Roy

A Watch
A nice watch is always a practical gift, and a great way to accessorize any outfit. This year you can thank her by saying, how great she’s been with dedicating all her time and love. Checkout this Philip Stein watch.

A Necklace
What better way to say “I Love You Mom”?  Give her an elegant heart necklace with, "Mom, I love you" in French…"Maman Je’ Taime". Here is a cute one from Red Evelope.

A Spa Gift Card
Mom's are literally a"SuperWoman", between juggling wife, mother, and business woman roles, she has a lot on her plate. Every mom needs a spa day, to get away,relax and recoup. Why not treat her for a spa weekend/mini-vacation with

When in doubt, you can always send flowers, they are beautiful, practical and always a perfect for gift for mom's. will can create the perfect bouquet for you.

Perfume Gift
If your mom is anything like mine, then she loves perfume, pick up a gift set of her favorite fragrance or search for something nice, you would like to be her "signature fragrance". I love Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.

A Skincare Set
Mom’s love to be pampered, so get her a beauty/skincare set so she can indulge whenever she wants to. Checkout this one from Shiseido.
The Flip
Let Mom capture all the moments she loves, get her the new 4hr SlideHD Flip video camera that she can take with her all the time.

A Frame
The most practical and personal gift of all, write a message and have it inscribed on a frame with her favorite picture. Here is a great one from Red Envelope.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Juicy Magazine

Attention Ladies: if you love, US Weekly, People, Ok!, Life & Style, and InTouch...then you'll love this! Harris Publications, Inc. along with XXL presents Juicy, the First Celebrity and Lifestyle Magazine for Black Women...The wait is over, something Juicy has finally arrived!

Juicy Magazine hits stands May 2010.  Now you can get all the latest news, beauty and fashion tips about and for the "Sisters" delivered to your doorstep! For more information, checkout

Premiere Issue Featuring Lala Vasquez

Must Have Items for the Week - Food For Thought

Here are my picks for the week - Let's stimulate the Mind in Style!

For the Chic Fashionista

For the Image Conscious Male

Nail Colors to Match The Spring/Summer 2010 Palette

Ok ladies,Spring is in the air, and I know we are ready to bring out the sandals and have our toes compliment some of the gorgeous Spring Looks we picked for the season. So in my daily dealings I decided to find a some colors to represent each one of the pantones for spring/summer 2010. Enjoy & Always Be Chic!
China Glaze - Turquoise

Tomato Puree
Uslu Airlines – Red MPO

Fusion Coral
Paul & Joe – Creamsicle

OPI – Lilac

Chanel – Particuliere 505

Mode – Mustard

Amparo Blue
Rococo – Eccentric

Pink Champagne
Sally Hansen – Beige Blast

Dried Herb
Konad – Olive Green