Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Sea Sponge

Most of us are becoming more aware of the chemical world we live in and how it affects us on a daily basis. It seems like every day there is a new study, in development on how chemicals are affecting everything from our food, to hygiene, cosmetics, clothes, toys, and household cleaning products. All of this can affect our bodies and skin, so in an effort to bring you chic style, let’s talk about chic beauty!
Sea Sponges are becoming more popular by the minute and if you didn’t know, now is the time too! Over 90% of the world’s natural sea sponges come from Tarpon Springs Florida off the Gulf of Mexico. Sea Sponge Divers dive and do crop rotations for natural sea sponges such as sea wool sponge, yellow sponge and silk sponge.
After I giving birth to my daughter, my mother-in-law a Florida residen,t gave me a sponge for the baby and myself.  After the first use, my skin felt so good, I was compelled to do research on the benefits of using a sea sponge over synthetic sponges. Here is what I found:
-          Natural Sea sponges can last as long as 10 years , while synthetic for about a week until they start to fall apart and get nasty with mold and mildew
-          Natural sea sponges have enzymes that inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria
-          There are no harmful chemicals in sea sponges like there are in synthetic sponges
(Synthetic sponges have the chemical, triclosan, which is classified by the EPA as a pesticide.) After finding this information out, I was sold on seas sponges for life! Why would anyone want to put on there body?!
-          Sea Sponges are all natural and safe and can be used on all skin types including a baby.
The Sea Wool Sponge is great for bathing and home use. When you bath with this sponge your skin will feel silky, smooth and clean like no other. So Invest in a sea sponge for the safety, healthy and fresh feeling of your skin!
After all, Beautifully Glowing and Radiant Skin is Oh So Chic!

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