Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celebrity Reality TV

This new surge of “Celebrity Reality TV" just might be overkill! I mean I understand that everyone loves to read about their favorite stars & feel like they have a personal connection to them, but c’mon really???   Why does it seem like every ‘has been’ is trying to make a comeback on the scene?
“Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business”: Tell me who really cares about these two?  Brandy you are a singer, now you have an alter ego “Brand New” and you want to rap?!!! SMDH I think there are more than enough wack rappers we don't need another one. Time for 'Real Music' to make a comeback, either make a new, dope ballad, or STFU and sit the hell down!
Ray J don't we see enough of you on “For the Love of Ray J”? ‘For the life of me’, I’ll never understand why these chicks are so into you, but I guess if broads will fight over Flava Flav, they'll fight over any dude with a claim to fame! Birds, always scattering looking for a worm!
“What Chilli Wants”: Ok I’ll admit I was a diehard TLC fan back in the day, but Miss Chilli, where do I begin?  How old are you looking for 'Mr. Perfect'?  I mean, I get that every woman is looking for a dude that meets all the criteria for their 'full package' but if that paradigm becomes outrageously foolish and pretty much unrealistic, maybe you need a “Reality Check” not a TV Show! This could be interesting though, I think I may become a fan of this Tionna Smalls; I’m going to have to check out her book just because of this show!
“Basketball Wives”: From the advertising, it seems like this show is about Shaunie O’Neal; but it’s about her, a group of other ex-wives, a current wife who is headed down the road to divorce, a fianc√© of a basketball player and a groupie cheerleader/dancer. I really can’t! I’ve never been big on females and this show will surely make me want to be a recluse when I get labeled ‘Hip Hop Wife’.  I know who my friends are, and not looking to gain a bunch of fake industry ones for the appeal.  I hope this show only lasts one season!
“Lisa Raye: The Real McCoy”: Last but not least, I was never a fan of Lisa Raye and I’m totally lost with this one! The bio for this show says, “After a brief break from her “booming career” Lisa Raye is back in the spotlight”.  What was booming about this chick’s career?   Player’s Club” and “All of Us” were pretty much the only two significant roles I can recall. However, after careful review of her IMDB (Internet Movie Database) page, I see she was in a quite a few roles I have no recollection of, but she doesn’t even have any awards to her credit, only a nomination from NAACP Image Awards, for ‘Outstanding Supporting Actress’ on “All of Us”.  I’m not trying to be sarcastic, but I just don’t get it. Her claim to fame must solely be from her looks, because her talent just doesn’t make the cut for me!
At the end of the day though, I understand people love “Reality TV” and it’s not going under the radar for awhile especially “Celebrity Reality TV”.  In this economy, everybody needs to make a living and the best marketing tool any of these celebs have is to give you an inside look into their worlds  from a “Scripted”  perspective.  Everybody and their mother Tweets about it, so they better get their money’s worth! Between VH1, BET and TVOne, looks like one of these stations will pick up any Celeb trying to pitch their “docu-dramas”, and we can definitely thank MTV for paving the way for them with the launching of “The Real World”.


  1. Hi LADI!
    soooo long toooo long CONGRATULATIONS on the BLOG perfect idea for your many talents!
    I'll be checking up on you now ;)
    Hope ALL YA'LL are VERY well.. And "celebrity reality"?? "basketballhiphopL.O.V.EonT.V.show? BULLLSH**" WTF.SERIOUSLY.
    KUDOS on the article!! Loves it>xXO jA

  2. Love your perspective on this...
    Hey, I've got a great 'Reality' TV idea!
    Call me!