Friday, May 28, 2010

"Go Wrap Yourself" with Jullaria

When it comes to 'Fashion', I definitely have a 'Passion'! Jewelry and Accessories, however, are in a totally different category; they are more than a passion, I consider it a "Deep Love Affair", some might say an "Addiction"! But with modern versatility and so many fabulous colors, jewels, and looks to choose from, who doesn't find Jewelry exceptionally fashionable, stylish and chic?!

If you love Jewelry like I do, then you have to Checkout this -Hot- New Company Jullaria! I tell you when great minds get together and brainstorm, 'MAGIC' happens, and that's how Jullaria came into fruition!

Jullaria sets a standard in today's accessory world, giving women the desirable taste of luxury, with versatile range and accessibililty! Using stunning stones, fun charms, and luxurious leather, Jullaria creates irressitable and timeless pieces. Each of these items can be worn as bracelets, necklaces, belts or even a head wrap, to create your own multifaceted look!

Get to know Jullaria and 'Go Wrap Yourself' with these Sensational items!

Checkout a few of my favorie pieces below!

Tatyana in Gold

Tatyana in Silver

Orielle Green with Two Jewels

Samantha Blue with Gold

Thursday, May 27, 2010

2010 Underground Girls of Hip Hop Awards Show

The 2010 Female Hip Hop Honors took place, last Saturday May 22, in Los Angeles at The Radisson Hotel! The event was to commemorate the beauty of women in Hip Hop!  Female and Male MC’s Old & New came out to celebrate!
Special honorees included domestic violence survivor, Grammy Winner, author Queen Pen and humanitarian and Academy nominee Kimberly Rivers Roberts; hosted by “bad girl of comedy” Luenell and special performance by Lady of Rage.
This award breaks down the barriers of conventionalism and was created to acknowledge and honor the achievements and contributions of legendary Females in Hip Hop, unsigned and independent artists within the urban music scene. Every year there are incredible records released by independent labels and artists, and this year F Records Recording Artist Draft was in the building as a presenter and performer, throwing it down for the ladies! So I’m sure you can understand why this event is dear to me!
With the recent turn of music, I must say, I want everyone to become familiar with my artist and label and really understand the movement we have created! I am proud to be working with such an amazing group of talented artists and one of the “Best” Producers in the game, and I’m not being biased! Of course I stand behind my company and vision, but we intend to give you “Timeless Music” that will “Feed the Soul”! So stay tuned F Records, “Don’t Think, Just Listen”
Follow Draft on MySpace Twitter and Facebook: itsdraft
See some of the Pics from The Underground Girls of Hip Hop Awards Below

Essentials for Every Man's Wardrobe

Classic Suit

Every man needs a classic suit, there will be many occasions that a suit will come in handy, wedding, funeral, business function. Whether you work in a field where you a required to wear a suit everyday every man needs a basic suit in either black, grey or navy. You can never go wrong with any of these colors. Whether you choose to wear the full suit or mix these elements with other pieces in your wardrobe. This item is definitely something you want to spend some money on, so you can get good wear out of it.

Black Shoes and Belt

These items can be worn with  your suit, khakis and or jeans to give a little sophistication to those casual outfits. This is an essential combo, please take time to invest!

 White Dress Shirt

 A simple but classic white dress shirt, can go with just about everything. It is great for day and night occasions and can add a sharp but versatile look to and outfit!

 Solid Tie
Solid ties are easy and versatile. If solid isn’t your thing, try a  diagnol stripe, another simple but versatile style.  Havaing several tie patterns however, will ensure you are prepared for anything from interviews, weddings and other events.

A Blazer

A good blazer preferably navy, is good all year round and works with khakis and jeans for that Casual Look! You can also invest in a tweed sport coat but it’s only good for the winter months. Either way a blazer or sport coat can bring a look together!


No Explanation is really necessary for either of these items. Both are a staple of the American wardrobe. Wear dressy or casual whatever suits the occassion.


An overcoat doesn’t necessarily mean a long coat. It can refer to a ¾ length coat or car coat. This item can complete a look when the winter months hit.

Casual Shirt

This can be a polo or button down, either works. They both can be worn with jeans, khakis or any type of casual pant.

Deconstructed suit

A Deconstructed suit, has a more relaxed feel to it, however still has a pulled together look. This can be great for summer months and the items can be worn separately. Try out a seersucker suit for the sleek, but relaxed look.


Men need bags too! A briefcase doesn’t necessarily mean hard case, it can be soft or messenger bag style for the business men on the go who needs to tote his docs and laptop!

Essentials for Every Woman's Wardrobe

 The Little Black Dress

Let me say every woman needs a little black dress! Trends come and go, but the little black dress will always be stylish. Sexy, Glamorous and timeless it is an essential piece for every woman’s wardrobe! In the words of great designer Karl Lagerfield, “One is never over or underdressed with a little black dress”.

A crisp white shirt

With so many styles and cuts to choose from, a crisp white shirt can add versatility to jeans, slacks or a skirt. Simply stated the “crisp white shirt is oh so chic”.

Cashmere Cardigan

A Cardigan is always classic and smart . When Spring/Summer rolls around this can be paired with floaty, feminine dresses and skirts.

 A Classic Pair of Jeans

Just like the little black dress, trends come and go with jeans, but a classic pair of jeans can last you a lifetime!  Jeans are relaxed, simple and sexy. Denim can be casual or elgant depending on how you mix the pieces together.

A Trench Coat

Trench coats are a very classic staple in fashion and can take you from season to season. 

 A Black Pant Suit

Every Woman needs a black pant suit, for interviews, business functions or to mix the elements with other pieces, this item will serve great purpose in your wardrobe!



Diamonds speak to people, after all, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.  Diamonds add spice to any outfit, whether it’s a simple pair of stud earrings, a tennis bracelet or a ring, add a diamond piece to your essential wardrobe collection.

Ballet Pumps aka Flats

Now I love me a #MEAN shoe and I Heart Heels, but sometimes we need  that good ole’ common-sense style!  In the name of practicality, a nice pair of stylist flats, will save your “dogs” every time!

High Heels

Another essential , timeless piece in a woman’s wardrobe is the black high-heel pump. When you want to keep it sexy and add height to your look, make sure you go for the classic black pump. You can also, pair these with your classic denim to create a sophisticated but casual look.

 A Stylish Bag

Every woman needs a stylish bag for every occasion, everyday functionality, party, travel you name there’s probably a bag for it! LOL Women need variety, invest in a tote, shoulder bag, clutch and medium sized-handbag.  At least one timeless, classic bag will last a lifetime in a woman’s wardrobe.  A great bag can really make an outfit, so choose one that flatters your body shape!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nervous System

Love Jewelry? Checkout this unconventional  company that creates innovative jewelry combining materials like silicone, rubber and stainless steel with rapid prototyping methods.

Nervous System was founded 2007 by Jessica Rosenkratz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg.  Their product is designed to be affordable and ethically made; using design methods that are algorithmic to create modern products and environments, their pieces are absolutely captivating! Inspired by complex patterns generated by computation and nature, I was intrigued, when I came across this jewelry line. I think anyone who has a love of Jewelry and Art can appreciate this eccentric line; and if your are looking for a few modern, funky and fun pieces to spark your originality, this is definitely the jewelry line for you!
Checkout my favorite collection the ‘Radiolaria’: distorted elliptical scales creating movement and tension!  Sexy, Original and Chic!
Radiolaria Necklace

Radiolaria Bracelet

Radiolaria Ring

Radiolaria Earrings

Monday, May 24, 2010

Get to Know...Honor Roll Clothing Group H.R.C.G.

New Clothing Brand, Honor Roll Clothing Group, set to release today, May 24, 2010 is based out of Atlanta, GA.
California Native, Blair Caffey reached out to me a week ago about his new clothing brand, and I was honored to speak with such a positive brother and help spread awareness about his new line of clothing. With a great ‘Passion for Fashion’, after interning in Chicago for ESPN Radio, Blair met a lot of Underground Hip Hop Artists, and was tired of what was being put out by other Urban Fashion Companies and became very interested in starting his own clothing line. Blair spent the past two years gaining an understanding of the fashion business, and teamed up with his business partner Darnell Shepherd, and added a very talented designer Brock Horne to his team to start Honor Roll Clothing Group H.R.C.G.
 When asked how did he come up with the name, “I feel everyone is living on ‘Honor Roll of Life’ and not really focused on living out their dreams and I want to inspire people to ‘think outside the box’; the theme behind our Summer Collection entitled ‘Pardon My Excellence’ tells a story about being yourself and taking a risk to follow your dreams and create your own destiny”.
“The Inspiration Behind the Line comes from Life: Trials, Tribulations and Triumph! Those 3 things are what make up the fabric of people in general, and in my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than those pure emotions of life. We strive to create a product that legitimately symbolizes hope, the spirit of perseverance, and embracing life and all of its good and bad baggage”.
9-5's, Stuff it in Your Pipe, Respect My Smarts, and Be You are just a few of the taglines on their t-shirts and on that ‘Positive Note’, I’m inspired to rock these T’s myself!
Starting out with the t-shirts, H.R.C.G.’s target market is all nationalities between, 18-28.  H.R.C.G. will be expanding their brand to a full-clothing line of sweatshirts, crewnecks, cardigans and a letterman jacket in Fall 2010 so stay tuned! You will be able purchase all items from their online store .
 H. R. C. G.’s goal is to create a “Main Stream” demand with “Exclusive” accessibility. In the years to come, H.R.C.G would like to open a shop, sell in other boutiques and eventually come out with a Female Line. So if you want to be Fresh and Fly for the Summer, Checkout Honor Roll Clothing Group!
You Can Follow Honor Roll Clothing Group on Twitter and Become a Fan on Facebook
Support this New "Urban Brand" on the Rise and checkout their shirts below
9 to 5's

Be You - Green

Be You - White

Pipe Dreams

Respect My Smarts - Black

Respect My Smarts - Grey

Friday, May 21, 2010

Luxury Transportation at its Finest!

Here at LADI CHIC it's not just about giving you the latest fashion trends to enhance your lifestyle, you also have to ride in style right? Checkout this luxury transportation company: Design Q.

Design Q is a premium design consultancy creating unique solutions for the luxury transport sector in the UK.
Founders Howard Guy and Gary Doy were both principal designers at Jaguar and key members of the design teams for S-Type and XK8. Their passion for designing luxury transportation sparked the interest of starting their own company and thus, Design Q Yacht team came into fruition.
Design Q Yacht team is a group of hand-picked skilled individuals, highly motivated to achieve the highest standards of design and craftsmanship. Their passion is to produce high quality, ground-breaking designs. Located on the Worcestershire/Warwickshire border in England, Design Q offers: Styling, Color and Trim, 3D Models and Prototyping, for Cars, Airplanes and Yachts.
 When I heard I about this company, I had to check it out! If you love Luxury and want to get the “Ultimate Luxury Lifestyle” then you need to check out this Fly Company!
My Design Q Indulgence Custom Q-VR Range Rover