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Ladies, I’m always excited to share with you a lovely pair of “kick ass” shoes.  In my daily efforts to bring you Fabulously Chic Finds, I love it when I come across new, fresh and innovative designers/artists on the rise. Today, I bring to you Mallory Musante, for Musa!
Mallory, a Connecticut based shoe designer, went to school for Marketing at Bryant University in Rhode Island. “I always joke and say, I don’t know why I went to school for Business, when I’ve always been extremely Artistic and Creative”.  This young designer new exactly what she was doing in entering the world of business, because today, she is the proud owner and designer of Musa. I’ve come across many designers who aspire to own a company, but are blinded by their tunnel-vision of creativity, and I’m glad to see there are young designers who understand the concept of “business” and “design”. In order to be a business you must understand how to run a business, and in her efforts to become a master of her field, Mallory learned “Business” at Bryant University and “Art of Making Shoes” at Prescott and Mackay.
Originally, Mallory wanted to create and hand-make custom pairs of shoes for women, but after her studies at Prescott and MacKay, she realized that was not very feasible for an independent designer starting out; the materials are very difficult to find and can be very pricey. Then after meeting a designer who painted on men’s sneakers, it sparked her interest. After researching and finding there were very few options for women to have a pair of hand painted shoes, in May 2009 Musa came into fruition! Since then, Mallory has received many inquiries from family and friends wanting a pair of these Fabulous and Unique Shoes, and thus expanded her line of “Signature Looks” to compliment every woman’s wardrobe. Mallory’s philosophy “Everyone woman should have a pair of shoes that perfectly reflect their personal style”.
I had the liberty of Interviewing Mallory, see the Q&A Below:
1.) What types of inspiration help you create your line?
 I find inspiration everywhere.  I could find inspiration in a piece of jewelry to something in nature to a piece of artwork….really anywhere.  I always keep my eyes open and am constantly writing down ideas for designs.  The best part about painting shoes is that if your vision isn’t coming out the way you want as you are painting then it is very easy to transform it into what you want. 

2.) Who is your favorite shoe designer and why?
I absolutely love Salvatore Ferragamo.  Everyone is always shocked when I tell them that because usually Ferragamo is known for men’s shoes.  I find something so sexy and sophisticated about his women’s shoes that give me butterflies in my stomach.  Basically it’s like love at first sight every time I see a pair of Ferragamo shoes!

3.) Have you worked with any celebs in the industry? (If yes, who and how did you feel about it?  If no, who would be your topic choice to work with and why?)
I haven’t worked with any celebs yet but if I had my choice I would love to work with either Rihanna or Lady Gaga.  Both are so comfortable and confident with who they are and their style.  Both of them are extremely innovative and genius in the work they do and I would love to work with them to create an amazing pair of shoes to fit their personalities perfectly. 

4.) What advice would you give to other artists/designers?
Be patient but persistent.  There are a lot of ups and downs when you are first starting out so it is really important to be patient.  I had so many delays and obstacles come up that I simply could not control so I really had be flexible.  You can’t give up when an obstacle is put in your place.  Be flexible and innovative to solve any problems that arise.  Find something else to focus your time on while you wait on delays that are out of your control.  Trust me, being patient and persistent definitely pays off.  Once something positive happens for you, you will know that all the difficult times were well worth it!

5.) Where do you see Musa in the next 5 years?
In the next 5 years, I’d love to bring on other artists to provide clients with different perspectives and aesthetics to choose from. 

I’d also like to open my own studio space.  I’d like it to be half a workspace where I can paint and half a store to showcase my Musa Signature Looks.  I’d also like to have extra space for other independent artists to come in to use.  Not all artists can afford to have their own studio to work in so I’d like to have space available for them to book so they can come in for an hour or two or however long they need to work.  I’d also love to allow them to sell their artwork in the store part of the studio as well.  I know it can be difficult as you start out and I’d love to be able to help artists of all kinds get their foot in the door.
To end, I heart Mallory’s spirit: Intelligent, Innovative, Creative and Unique! She is definitely one to watch!
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Checkout some of her Fabulous “Signature Looks" Below:

Autumn - Boho Chic

Bailey - Glamazon

Brooklyn - It Girl

Penelope - Biker Babe

Willa -Diva Doll

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