Monday, May 24, 2010

Get to Know...Honor Roll Clothing Group H.R.C.G.

New Clothing Brand, Honor Roll Clothing Group, set to release today, May 24, 2010 is based out of Atlanta, GA.
California Native, Blair Caffey reached out to me a week ago about his new clothing brand, and I was honored to speak with such a positive brother and help spread awareness about his new line of clothing. With a great ‘Passion for Fashion’, after interning in Chicago for ESPN Radio, Blair met a lot of Underground Hip Hop Artists, and was tired of what was being put out by other Urban Fashion Companies and became very interested in starting his own clothing line. Blair spent the past two years gaining an understanding of the fashion business, and teamed up with his business partner Darnell Shepherd, and added a very talented designer Brock Horne to his team to start Honor Roll Clothing Group H.R.C.G.
 When asked how did he come up with the name, “I feel everyone is living on ‘Honor Roll of Life’ and not really focused on living out their dreams and I want to inspire people to ‘think outside the box’; the theme behind our Summer Collection entitled ‘Pardon My Excellence’ tells a story about being yourself and taking a risk to follow your dreams and create your own destiny”.
“The Inspiration Behind the Line comes from Life: Trials, Tribulations and Triumph! Those 3 things are what make up the fabric of people in general, and in my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than those pure emotions of life. We strive to create a product that legitimately symbolizes hope, the spirit of perseverance, and embracing life and all of its good and bad baggage”.
9-5's, Stuff it in Your Pipe, Respect My Smarts, and Be You are just a few of the taglines on their t-shirts and on that ‘Positive Note’, I’m inspired to rock these T’s myself!
Starting out with the t-shirts, H.R.C.G.’s target market is all nationalities between, 18-28.  H.R.C.G. will be expanding their brand to a full-clothing line of sweatshirts, crewnecks, cardigans and a letterman jacket in Fall 2010 so stay tuned! You will be able purchase all items from their online store .
 H. R. C. G.’s goal is to create a “Main Stream” demand with “Exclusive” accessibility. In the years to come, H.R.C.G would like to open a shop, sell in other boutiques and eventually come out with a Female Line. So if you want to be Fresh and Fly for the Summer, Checkout Honor Roll Clothing Group!
You Can Follow Honor Roll Clothing Group on Twitter and Become a Fan on Facebook
Support this New "Urban Brand" on the Rise and checkout their shirts below
9 to 5's

Be You - Green

Be You - White

Pipe Dreams

Respect My Smarts - Black

Respect My Smarts - Grey

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