Thursday, May 13, 2010


If you love art, then checkout some of the hottest designs by Elstabo; Artist, Illustrator and Photographer.

A Brooklyn Native, Elstabo, started his professional career, when he first  saw his designs displayed on a Highway Billboard. Wanting to pursue his passion, he picked up various jobs in commercial and fashion art fields, then decided to get his BFA at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  After leaving FIT, Elstabo was on a steady grind and got his work featured in CBGB’s Gallery & Music Scene to Art @ Large (Pet Silvas) Erotic Gallery.
Elstabo, now a DC Metropolitan Area resident, has affiliated himself with Artwhino in Maryland and WEAM Gallery in Florida, where his worked is being showcased.
When asked, what inspires your work?, he tells me “Creative Sexiness”, you can definitely see that in alot of his work something I'd like to call "Erotic Chic Freak"! ;)
Elstabo’s most recent  work can be found in Aphrodisia: Art of the Female Form by Aristata Publishing, The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today by Erotic Signature,  and his self published work “Elstabo’s Spanish Fly Series” on  Elstabo is currently working on a new book, which is set to come out early next year. (More "Erotic Chic Freak" I'm sure!)
As an independent artist, Elstabo would like for his work to be more well-known in the years to come. He would like to leave an impression on other artists, “remain true to your craft and make your work signature to your own style”!
For more information on Elstabo, upcoming shows, and purchasing artwork, checkout
Here are a few of my favorite pieces by ElStabo

Big Boss

Spanish Fly Series - Yvette

Elstabo - Self Portrait


My All Time Fav

Black*Widow Photography 2003

Black*Widow Portrait 2009

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  1. Love Elstabo's work.....Beautiful portraits that say more about our world today than even the we are connected on is my art site:
    Peace in and out!