Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Padma Lakshmi Jewelry Collection

As an avid lover of Accessories, I'm extremely excited when I come across fabulously exotic pieces. Needless to say Padma Lakshmi's Jewelry Collection is radiantly feminine and very much ethnically inspired! Derived from Africa, South Pacific, and Southeast Asian Influences, the collection definitely makes a bold statement!

Using Gold, Precious stones and other metals the NAV Collection is by far my fav. The Micro Collection is based on the ancient Vedic principle of the NAVARATNA. The philosophy states that wearing a Talisman with nine specific stones or gems that correspond to nine specific celestial planets can help balance a person's life force or prana. Talk about taking from Ancient Traditions...Jewelry with a dynamic energy and spiritual background!

Great for an ethnically inpsired look and for adding a newfound energy to your look and lifestyle!

Checkout my favorite pieces from the collection below

Gray Pearl Massei Necklace

Assorted Stack Bangle

Nav Earring

Nav Ring Set

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