Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Writer's Block

Here at LADI CHIC we Ultimately Love Philanthropic Efforts to Re-build the Community, especially when it comes to creating a future for the youth! A few weeks ago, I was introduced to Writer's Block from another great blogger.
I was immediately intrigued by the message behind the brand,
"It's about Literacy and Not Fashion."

Created by Terrell Pierre Johnson, Writer's Block by definition is a condition, and Terrell is working adamantly to to transform that condition into a movement, to assist those who suffer from another condition, Homelessness.

It's detrimental for the youth to not only be literate, but to also have an outlet for expressing themselves. I'm sure so many probably have emotional and stability issues because of their situation. There is an uplifting and impactful way to help them rise about it, and I encourage everyone who reads this blog to go to Writer's Block website and purchase a T-shirt, to help make a difference in the literacy and education of the next generation!

Don't let your efforts stop there, get involved!
 Look for ways within your community to help make a difference in the lives of other's.
 By helping one person you are deciding to become a part of the solution...
So Let's Evolve to Resolve the Unfortunate Issues that Plague our Community!

For More Information on Writer's Block checkout


  1. i support anything that helps our youth develop their academic talents. our youth is so focused on being the next big athlete or rapper...what about the next phenomenal write!!! kudos on this find

  2. I absolutely agree with Sole Girl. It is phenomenal to see orgs out there making a difference for our community's future which lies within our children. Thanks for posting this.

    Also wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Hope it was FABulous!!!

  3. Thanks Ladies!
    Agreed more focus needs to be on Academics and Companies need to make more philanthropic efforts as well!