Thursday, June 10, 2010


Voodo Fe,’ long time veteran of Music, Fashion and Art, wants you to join his culture and feel the experience of his “Innovative Lifestyle Brand”!
Always focused on Music, Voodo started out working as a freelance designer for Avirex, G-Unit, Ecko, and Calvin Klein. Knowing there was no limit to his capabilities, these opportunities made his passion for wanting to combine each of his talents into his own Futuristic Cultural Brand Experience.
I’ve known Voodo for about 10 years and I’ve always been intrigued by his eccentric personality. To date, I don’t think I’ve come across another creative being that has  the ability to juggle and maintain a lifestyle as hectic, and visually inventive as his.  Working in Music and Fashion for about 20 years, and Art for 10, when asked how do you find time to manage all 3?  He replies, “I chop them in 3 parts: Business, Art and Personal; I don’t let the 3 interact”.
 Inspired solely by living and doing whatever he is passionate about, Voodo translates ideas within from a non-conventional and idealistic view. “Everything I do, I do for me, and I found the most joy, when I stopped doing things for others”. What Voodo wants his fans to know about his brand, is that it’s ‘freedom of expression’ meant to fulfill every facet of his talents. “I have nothing to prove, I know what I’m good at”. With that being said, Voodo Fe’s Cultural Experience is definitely ‘One of a Kind’. Each of his talents are very unique: his Art uses an original technique of acrylic paint on wood, is most notably recognized by using beer bottle tops; his Fashion inspired by his artwork  and personal style, marked by  detailed hand stitching; his Music very edgy, raw and aggressive just like his expressive personality!  I encourage, everyone to checkout this multi-talented brother who is destined for greatness!
Voodo is currently working on his clothing line, an album, and an art series. In the upcoming years, he would like to have a boutique in New York, California and Japan; and a hotel in Florida. Experience His Culture….He Dares You! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
For More information on the Voodo Fe’ Culture checkout you can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.
If you are in NYC this weekend, Saturday make sure you checkout his Art Show and Performance:
Cinemart Space 17 at the Amber
432 6th Ave. bet 9th & 10th St.
Free Art Viewing 12pm-9pm
Performance $10  starts at 11pm

Checkout some of the pics I took, when I visited Voodo’s Studio

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