Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Loyalty is Royalty

Nardesigns Creator and Graphic Designer, Bernard Campbell, started a movement back in 2010 called Loyalty is Royalty.  

At the end of 2011 a clothing line was launched and it sparked attention of a few investors, but when creative differences arised that didn't stop Bernard's hustle.
Now with regained control of the brand, Bernard is looking to move forward making the movement bigger and better!
The Inspiration behind the Slogan, "Loyalty is Royalty" is simple
LOYALTY: Faithful; Trustworthy
ROYALTY: Status;Power
Put the two together you have a priceless promotion:
 Quality is always better than Quantity...
Hard Work and Dedication are always key components in any type of relationshi: business or personal!
With a few fashion shows behind his belt and stores selling the line...the Loyalty is Royalty Movement is continuously looking for ways to expand!

Exit 21 Magazine Ad
Bernard Campbell with Model Heather Bianchi
DJ Kotic wears Loyalty is Royalty on BET's 106 and Park

So Get Involved With The Movement!

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  1. Loyalty Is Royalty is the movement lets keep moving!!!!!!!