Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Perfectly Pearled in Pink

This set is solely dedicated to one of my favorite Fashion Designers and Friends @DiaryofJoli' aka #JoliRichard!

I consider my personal style to be eclectic edgy, definitely dark and charismatically chic, a fusion of my personality and what I'm attracted to instinctually! However, Miss Joli' is Solely Sexy and Feminine! When I came the Pearl Petel Dress by Rare Opulence I was totally tapped into the Romanticism and Femininity of Pearls and the Color Pink! Two Very Ethereal descriptives for the Chic Lady: Pearls and Pink Epitomize Classy and Elegant!

As Diary of Joli tagline says  "Unlock Your Style", my muse was definitely Unleashed into Soft Womanly Luxurious Stylized Glamour!

Thanks Joli! XOXO


  1. My absolute favorite article about one of favorite up and coming designers by far. Congratulations Joli for all your success. I wish you many more!

  2. She's a favorite of mine as well! :) I LOVE Pink! Pink is the colour of Bubble Gum. A clutch I'll design. A bokay of favorites. Two of my favorite (of many) movies; Clueless and Movie "Pretty in Pink". Endless Strawberry Lipgloss. See when talk about "Pink"...there's no stopping me, I will allow some folk haha.

  3. ooh I can't wait to see the handbag @Tuesdai! :)

  4. oh em gee love this post...that dress is sooo eye catching

  5. Absolutely love Ladi Chic. Glad to be amongst greatness.