Monday, April 4, 2011

Designs By Tuesdai - Messi Floor Collection

I love when I come in contact with Creative People, especially exceptional designers with an inspiring story!
Let me introduce I to you, Collage Artist and Designer, Tuesdai Noelle.  Tuesdai reached out to me about a week ago and when I saw I her lovely designs, and read her bio, I was excited to feature her on LADI CHIC. I think we all struggle with our dreams and most importantly we all face many different obstacles to accomplish them, but if you ever had a doubt that you not exactly where you are meant to be, then Keep the Faith!
Just 18months before launching her company, Tuesdai was unemployed and homeless but she didn’t let that discourage her creativity or hinder her dreams of providing customers with her one of a kind designs. In my opinion this minor setback gave Tuesdai the thick skin and determination to succeed in this very cut-throat industry. Fashion is a very challenging and competitive field and definitely not a career choice for those who become easily discouraged with challenges.  Tuesdai has definitely overcome the odds, and proven to be a ‘Diamond in the Rough’.
Starting off providing Decorative Denim, Tuesdai now has an exclusive collection of glamorous handbags called "Messi Floor"! Considered a Designer for the “Everyday Girl” Tuesdai aims to give Fashionable and Affordable pieces to her customers: those who want to look of High-Fashion, but without breaking their pockets! 
Tuesdai is definitely a rising star in the world of fashion! Working on the launch of her new site for Messi Floor  and waiting to her back from potential boutique buyers, Tuesdai is already a success story whom I’m sure will be capturing her audience in the years to come! So if you are looking to accessorize your wardrobe with originality and personality, then I encourage you to checkout Tuesdai Noelle and her Chic Handbag Collection!
For More information on this Remarkable Lady and her stylish designs checkout and Follow her on Twitter @tuesdai_noelle
Here is a sneak peek of her handbag collection "Messi Floor"…enjoy!


  1. You gone with yo' bad self Tuesdai! These bags are just FABULOUS! The attention that you pay to detail and the exceptional work that you put into each design is just CRAZY. It don't make no sense for nuthin' to be this cute. Love ya!

  2. the more i see her bags the more i want one!