Monday, April 25, 2011

Sarah M. Jewelry Designs

Are you a confident woman who loves strikingly beautiful jewelry with an artistic flair? Then you need to checkout Sarah M. Jewelry Designs.

I met designer, Sarah Morris when I was a student at FIT. Sarah was designing jewelry as a hobby then, but after numerous inquiries and wanting a more fulfilling work environment Sarah decided to start her own business, Sarah M. Jewelry Designs. Currently selling on Etsy, this skillfully handcrafted jewelry line is for the sophisticated and stylish woman!

 Using various gemstones and beads, while focusing on innovative trends, Sarah is constantly inspired by beauty and uses her New York City background to fuel her creativity. All the designs are personally handcrafted by Sarah who uses- silver findings to ensure her customers receive a unique and timeless piece of jewelry that is represented with a high standard of quality and fine detail.

Currently working on a bridal collection for a friend’s upcoming wedding in Malibu, Sarah is diligent to take the Sarah M. Jewelry collection to the next level. In the upcoming months, Sarah  would like to get her namesake collection in retail chains and high end retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman and Barney’s NY.  One of Sarah’s long term goals is to eventually create a line for QVC, HSN or Shop NBC.

 One of my favorite pieces in the Sarah M. Jewelry collection is the “Empowerment Bracelet”. The Empowerment Bracelet honors and acknowledges one’s higher self.

“Our- Soul is a direct expression of ‘I AM, the most powerful words in the universe that manifest what you identify with your Self.” 

Sarah created 7 charms to reinforce that philosophy:
I AM Beautiful
I AM Blessed
I AM Focused
I AM Loved
I AM Thankful
I AM Worthy

The silver token charm design has the “I AM” inscribed on the front and the Flower of Life symbol on the back. The Flower of Life origins are found in Ancient Egypt, a geometric shape from the platonic solids; meaning, its embryonic construction is the foundation of organic life, music, language and most profound---consciousness. What you believe and what you have faith in will manifest into your reality. So when you wear this bracelet, it will remind you to believe in yourself so that the universe will conspire in your favor!
"I AM"-Front

Flower of Life symbol-Back

I encourage all my jewelry lovers to checkout Sarah M. Jewelry Designs and let the beauty and philosophy of her designs inspire you to the greatness Sarah is accomplishing!

For more information please checkout Sarah M. Jewelry Designs:
Facebook: Sarah M. Jewelry Designs
Etsy: Sarah M Jewelry

Checkout a few Chic pieces from the Sarah M Collection below

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