Wednesday, April 13, 2011

P.S. I Made This

OMG! I am *swooning* over my new favorite site P.S. I Made This! I happen to come across the site when reading an article by Huffington Post Style "The Ultimate Fashion Blogroll" and I was immediately drawn to this site. For any Stylist, Designer or Crafty person who loves creativity, trust me you will LOVE this site!

DIY Design and Style Expert, Erica Domesek is the author the book P.S. I Made This, a DIY Design/Fashion and Lifestyle Inspiration Guide. Erica is truly amazing and I love how user friendly her projects are, which makes me want to be even more creative!

Erica's Creative Motto: "I see, I like it, I make it!" and that is what she encourages her readers and fans to do as well! So if you are not familiar with Erica's work then I encourage you to checkout
I am now following her Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter Pages so I can keep up to date with Erica and hopefully get to meet her in the near future!

Here's 1 of my favorite projects done by Erica The Burberry Spiked Trench. When I first saw this Trench in Us Weekly worn by Kim Kardashian and Emma Watson I wanted it! Thanks Erica for the Inspiration!!!!! 
Twitter @psimadethis

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