Monday, July 12, 2010

LADI CHIC's Top Influential Music/Style Icons

When Fashion meets Music, all kinds of Greatness transpires!

Many of today's Music Icons are also Style Icons, they get approached by some of the best names in fashion; who wouldn't want to have that luxury? Talk about living vicariously through someone's life; some of the most memorable musicians are the ones whose songs not only got into our heads, but whose clothes we want/ed in our closets. All the Fashionistas/os are forever on the sidelines researching, critiquing and admiring our favorites on the Red Carpet at all the Awards, and when we see them in concert.  Always in high anticipation to see who's wearing what, where and by who? While some artist tend to let us down, there are a few who undoubtedly find ways to keep it interesting, reinvent themselves and grace us with sheer delight when it comes to Fashion!

Here are Ladi Chic's top picks for "Influential Music Style Icons"

From Beautiful Flowing Gowns to Cat Suits, Beyonce always gives us something edgy, yet tasteful. Her House of Dereon for ladies with curves has made her a house hold name in Fashion.

One of Pop's Fashion Elite, she has graced the cover of a few top Fashion Magazines, and is a Cover Girl Spokesmodel.

Janet Jackson
We love her because she's Michael Jackson's sister, but when it comes to style she can definitely hold her own. From Futuristic, to Exotic and Ethnic, Janet has graced us with various versatile styles over the years.

Lady Gaga
Known for her mind boggling fashions, we are all kept in suspense wondering what this "Fervent Provocateur" is going to show us next.

Gwen Stefani
She lured us in with her modern glamour and vintage pin-up, which inspired her L.A.M.B. Collection.

Even in her prime, Madonna still manages to reinvent herself with original and avant garde style, that sparked her to start her new fashion line "Material Girl".

"If Music is Art, then the Music Industry is 3 Art Forms at once: Song, Dance and Fashion". -Elle Magazine

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