Friday, July 9, 2010

Nest Jewelry

Looking for Exotic Jewelry/Handbags with Organic Feel? Then "Nest Jewelry" is the Luxury you need to indulge in!

Using natural stones along with vintage and antique elements creates some of the most unique and sophisticated statement pieces I've ever seen. The designers, Janette Wilkinson and Jana Erwin, travel the world collecting precious and rare stones to build their "Nest" to create one of a kind handcrafted pieces. Along with their jewelry, they research exotic skins to pair with their stones to construct their alluring collection of handbags. Their Motto: "Wear Nest. Get Noticed. Make a Statement." And by all means you surely will!

Here are my favorite "Chic Exotic" pieces below

Tribal Horn Necklace

Twisted Python Bangle

Python Fan Handbag

Lizard Skin Clutch

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