Monday, July 12, 2010

Artist Sensation "JaQuita"

Upcoming singing sensation JaQuita is in full grind mode. The forthcoming launch of her new single So Rare” featuring PolyRhythm is set to Release July 14th.

This Diva on the Rise, is working overtime to give her fans something “Real” that everyone can appreciate and relate to!
Being an unsigned artist can be a struggle in this music biz, but when it’s your passion you work effortlessly to make your dream the success you seek; and it’s been a long time coming for Miss JaQuita. 
Ever since she was 5 years old JaQuita can recall singing in the church and working to overcome her stage fright and become a phenomenal artist conveying that raw emotion like many of her musical influences.  JaQuita got her first big break doing a record with Marlon D and DJ Dove, thus evolving breakthrough hit single “Not Enough” with DJ Roger Sanchez.  More recently JaQuita has worked on a few tracks with new Pop Group 18E.  “I consider myself a versatile artist, I can range from Rock to Soul, but House is truly the genre were I found I could grow musically”.
When asked what do you feel sets you apart from other music artists, JaQuita  replies, “I feel every artist is unique in their own way, but I allow myself to be completely vunerable to my music; when people hear my music I want them to feel the emotional aspect and the realness of what I’m trying to create”. I think fans will definitely get that in the upcoming single “So Rare”, which is a song about Love, something I sure everyone can relate to!
JaQuita is currently writing and working on her debut album which has become her main focus. Along with the “So Rare” single release this month, JaQuita will also be performing in the Hell’s Kitchen 3 year Anniversary Party : “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”; so make sure you stay “Tuned” to JaQuita!

You can find JaQuita on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.
“Music is the Answer!”

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