Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fringe Frenzy

A Quick and Easy Way to add Embellishment to your look is by wearing Fringe!

Considered a Fancy and Flamboyant adornment, Fringe has been using throughout history to decorate garments for Native Americans and Mediterranean Cultures; Found mostly in scarves and skirts,this trimming become more modernized when we saw it's evolution from Western and Hippie Styles, to now being a trendy commodity for Spring/Summer Looks of 2011.

Present in almost every garment from shirts, dresses, jackets, pants, bikinis and even accessories ( jewelry, shoes and handbags) this ornamentation like any other trend should not be abused when wearing the look.  Fringe is a highly noticeable addition to any look, so opt for a single item when using this component. Remeber the key is too look Chic NOT Clownish, so keep it simple and attractive.

Checkout a few of my favorite finds below!

Emilio Pucci Asymmetrical Fringe Dress

Roberto Cavalli FringeTank

Michael Kors Fringe Skirt

L*Space Fringe Bikini

Diesel Fringe Scarf

Whiting and Davis Fringe Clutch