Monday, May 2, 2011

Black Widow

Massimo Dogana has done it again, this extreme-no holds bar designer always seems to add shock value to his designs. From color and embellishment, to the well-known finger salute, no one ever knows what will be the next attention grabber. For me however, it was the knee-length spider webbed design boot or shall I call it 'The Dominance of the Black Widow?

These Bad Boys have Sexy written all over them! My attraction to spiders and the tale of The Black Widow definitely makes me want to Exhibit My Superiority and Strike with my Stylish Venom!

I think these babies should spark a Marvel remake of "The Black Widow" and Designers tap into their dark side to create a full costumed "Black Widow" Collection!

Until then, I'll just swoon and work on getting these boots into my Fall Shoe Collection...Be CHIC!

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