Monday, May 16, 2011

Anara Original

Always on the prowl for the Unique and Innovative Designers, I was recently connected to Sara Crawford, visionary creator of Anara Original’s House of Design.  At the young age of 12, Sara knew she wanted to be a designer. Inheriting artistic traits of drawing and sewing from her parents, I guess you could say Sara’s dream was Destiny’s Creation in the making!
Considered “The Ultimate Trendsetter” Anara Original is a Premiere Urban Design House of Couture for Women. Inspired by art, Sara considers her collection just that, “Wearable Art” constructed with simplistic design and edgy detail.  Using artistic forms such as airbrushing, free hand drawing and painting while using studded and jeweled detailing Sara’s Unique Designs are oh so Chic, Modern and Trendy!
Allowing herself to never be swayed by the “trends of the season” Sara uses her imagination and creativity to invent her collections! I’m sure you’ll find yourself lusting over Sara’s designs as they are unique and captivating.

Currently working on her Fall collection set to release August 19th, Sara is also working on a line of Fashionable Art called AO Deco set to launch September 2nd.  Sara is also partnering on a shoe and phone case project that you can look forward to in the upcoming months as well.
The Anara Original Store and the Style Closet are both Coming Soon! For now you can checkout all of Sara’s Fabulous Fashions at   For all inquiries and purchases you can contact Sara at
In the next few years Sara would like to see the Anara Original Collection in boutiques and magazines worldwide.  Just as she is striving towards her dreams, Sara encourages other aspiring designers to keep fighting and pushing for their dreams… “There is no such thing as an overnight success…Great things come to those who are patient, diligent and obedient.”
So keep on the lookout for Sara and the Anara Original Collection!
Twitter: @AnaraOriginal
Facebook: Anara Original
Be Chic!


  1. I truly appreciate her originality! She is definitely a trend-setter in her own right.

  2. Beautiful colors! I love that pink one shoulder

    Miss Neira

  3. Thanks for the Love Ladies! :)

  4. Ladies thank you for the love and support!