Friday, January 7, 2011

Nada Designs

Canadian Designer, Nada Shephard created Nada, a women's wear label that offers fashion forward choices to the stylish professional and fashion conscious women everywhere. Nada designs each of her garments to capture the mood and feeling of a woman so she can express herself freely.Worn by Nelly Furtado and Gayle King, the Nada consumer is confident, competent, and makes an effort with her style. The label is definitely for the Chic and Sophisticated who aspire to wear something Interesting and Edgy!

Just like her clothing, which is considered exciting and imaginative, Nada recently launched her signature fragrance which is a blend of top notes lotus flower, amber, jasmine with and undercurrent of honeysuckle, ginger and saffron...Sweet and Spicy! So not only can you look stunningly stylish, but you can smell scintillatingly sweet!

Fragrance and Clothing can be purchased from at  or you can search for a specialty boutique near you!

Checkout my 2 favorite pieces from Nada Collection below

Tailored Pouff Sleeve Shirt
The Traditional White Tailored Shirt with a Modern Twist

Scoop Neck Dress with Outverted Seams
The Classic Little Black Dress

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