Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LADI CHIC'S Item of the Week- Whoa Me Fabulous!

So if you keep up with my Tweets then I'm sure you saw yesterday's post about me finding a bracelet that I absolutely love and it being $15,000....well feast your eyes on this week's indulgence!

Vicente Gracia Enchanged Forest Bracelet

If you don't know by now, I am a true Fashion Junkie, especially when it comes to accessories! So much so, let's just say my collection need's their own closet! To say I "LOVE" Jewelry is truly an understatement. The most unique, exotic and ethnically inspired always seem to catch my eye and Vicente Gracia definitely captured my attention with this bracelet!

I mean when I saw the bracelet I was in Native American Heaven to say the least, it truly brought out my Cherokee and Iroquois roots! The detailing of the and original craftmanship of the chainmail in silver with the 24/18k gold leaves, not to mention the precious enamel tree frogs, ammonite and diamond settings... this piece would definitely be one of my avant garde treasures. Now if we could just get past the price. I mean had it been all diamond with pave' maybe I could understand it, but at first glance it definitely looks more costume than luxury. However, once you get down to the nature and tradition of the this designer's background, I can't deny that LUXURY definitely comes into play, and despite the price I do consider this piece an individualistic art expression that definitely caught my attention!

Now I guess I either need to call upon one of my jewlery friends to make a cheaper version or get into the fashion lab and start creating myself! Until then a girl can admire from a distance! :-)

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