Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Andrew Christian Shock Jock Briefs

The Invention of the Padded and Push-Up Bra, give women the added appeal of looking well endowed up top! Now men can have the same wow factor down below!
Designer, Andrew Christian from Bravo’s The Fashion Show, released his Shock Jock Briefs, taking “Manties” to a whole new level! These Cutting Edge Skivvies, feature a soft hidden cup, sculpted into a penis shape giving about 2 inches to a man’s valued asset.
From a design perspective I have to appreciate the innovative thought process as men’s fashion can be very simple and not as evolving as women’s. However, from a reality standpoint, deception has never been a good look! I don’t know how well these will sell, but they are definitely a hot topic in the men’s world of fashion right now.
I do hope men’s fashion will continue to sprout with creativity, but don’t go reinventing the wheel with false hopes!

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