Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Painted Faces Model Management

Hard worker, Designer, Artist, and Entrepreneur are just a few titles that you can use to describe Inez Bonilla, but by far, Boss Lady is her fav! I’m sure you are wondering who is Inez Bonilla? Well as of  June 2010, Inez is proud Founder and CEO of Painted Faces Model Management.
Inez Bonilla by Jose Parla

After interning and working in the fashion industry for a number of years, Inez worked as model agent with a few well-known companies. Noticing that there didn’t seem to be a wide-range of diversity, Inez  decided she wanted to start her own Model Management Company, thus forming Painted Faces.
When asked how she came up with the name, Inez replies, “brainstorming all the things that make a model, it hit me: they spend most of their time in the chair getting their faces painted and I just ran with it.”
Scouting Models of all Ethnicities for the High Fashion Market, Inez is looking to fill a void that has been missing in the industry. “I feel like models look like clones of one another. There is not much diversity and that is sad.”  I agree there is definitely room for change and diversity, so I’m looking forward to seeing Painted Faces ranking next to some of the top names in the industry, while giving us a more diverse range of beauty!
Painted Faces is currently representing 3 models, and working on a few others.  All the Models did a great job working 11 shows for S/S 2011 Fashion Week, such a great accomplishment for Inez and her business. Currently working on few editorials and other press in the upcoming weeks, Inez is working hard to make Painted Faces a household name in the industry!
Keep on the lookout for Painted Faces Models in Fashion Magazines and Runways near you! For any model inquires you can check out , under the contact page you can find all information regarding requirements and submissions. You can stay up to date on the news of Painted Faces Model’s by checking out
Checkout a few pics of the Painted Faces Models along with a really great press article you can see in full on the Painted Faces website.
Micaela and Elyce at Domenico Vacca S/S 2011 Fashion Show

Inez with Painted Faces Models at Hemma S/S 2011 Fashion Show

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