Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cataanda J - Celebrity Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

As Twitter is such a lovely way to network and build relationships with some of the Fabulous People in Beauty, Fashion and Music. I had the pleasure of connecting with another Beauty Maven through my previous feature of Miss Gabrielle Corney.  Meet Cataanda James aka Cataanda J, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Hairstylist!
Known to the world as CataandaJ, this lifestyle brand is beauty, hair, makeup and so much more! Following in the footsteps of her mother, Cataanda has been passionate about everything glam since she was 3 years old, and was licensed for hair and makeup shortly after graduating High School. Master of her Trade, Cataanda has worked for M.A.C. Cosmetics, where she continues to do freelance work; she is also a L'OREAL Paris, ProTeam Member where she beautifies women, teaching them how to look in the mirror and believe “Because You’re Worth It”.
 Having worked with A-List clientele such as America Ferrara, Cynthia Nixon and Neyo; Cataanda’s skills are always in demand and she is working adamantly to keep that list ever-growing. Booking work as an independent contractor under her company CataandaJ and Co. LLC, this Beauty Diva is working every angle to make her mark in this world: Currently, writing for the as DC Makeup Examiner, Cataanda has her own blog and working on a few other projects that everyone needs to keep an eye out for!
When asked what Cataanda love best about her job she replies, “the most rewarding thing is knowing that you’ve made someone smile on the inside, while looking beautiful on the outside; it’s about empowering women to be confident in who they are deep within their heart.”  Embrace the Beauty within because that’s where it all begins!  A big portion of Cataanda’s clientele is also Men’s Grooming, as men also want to look sharp and sexy! So Cataanda helps give them the refined look while boosting his ego full of confidence! 
One of Cataanda’s Signature looks and tip for The Chic Lady wanting that Beautifully Bold & Haute Look is “CatEyez”.  It’s all about Intensity in the Eyes, and Liquid Liner is everything this Fall, so grab up a few of her favs liquid liners found below and Get Dramatically Chic!
In the next 5 years, Cataanda is looking forward to being a household name and one of the key players in the Beauty Industry! “There is no limit to the possibilities, and I intend to share my gift of Beauty to the world”.
Her advice to young beauty gurus on the rise, “Practice, Practice, Practice your craft! Find your niche and run with it! Get advice from veterans of the industry by reading their books, taking classed and one of my favorite ways of connecting with industry leaders….find them on Twitter and Interact! I guarantee you will find a Beauty Mentor via Twitter”.
If you’re a lover of anything Fashion or Beauty oriented, then CataandaJ is definitely one to follow! Check her out on her website Become a Friend on Facebook , Fan her on Twitter @CataandaJ Subscribe to her article on and Follow her blog
Checkout a few of Cataanda’s Favorite Products and Beauty Pics below!
Phyto Hair Care Found @ Sephora

Mineral Y Makeup by Youngevity

M.A.C Boot Black Liquid Liner

L'OREAL Color Truth Cream Eyeliner

Beauty Images by CataandaJ


  1. Cataanda J -- you are working it in these beauty shots!!!!!!