Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bold Bracelets

Big and bold speak to women’s wrists when simple charms and bangles won’t do!
Add Color, Metal/Material and Texture to show off arms. Worn right, bracelets catch the eye without coming off as overbearing glitzy glamour! So pick out a few fabulous brazenly bold bangles and cuffs to add pizzazz to your ever growing wardrobe!
Checkout a few of my favorite finds below
Henri Bendel The Viv Cuff

Moss Mills Buckled Snakehead Bracelet

Ranjana Khan Gilded Deco Cuff

Nest Mother of Pearl Bangle

Juicy Couture Cluster Cuff

Devon Leigh Textured Cuff

1 comment:

  1. Bold Bracelets For Women are usually made of gold, diamond, wood, and metal. They are also called ‘broad cuffs’ and actually originated in India.