Monday, June 20, 2011

RAMY "Eyebrow Intervention"

Friday I attended the RAMY "Eyebrow Intervention Event" at the Duane Reade in Union Square; it was a truly pleasurable experience! I had the wonderful opportunity to Interview founder of RAMY Cosmetics, Ramy Gafni who was extremely humble and personable.

In my interview, I had a chance to learn more about Ramy, as well as his cosmetics line, that can be purchased at Duane Reade and on the RAMY website . However, the most important topic of the day...Why is Eyebrow Intervention so important?!

According to Ramy a woman can enhance her appearnace by simply  getting her eyebrow's sculpted; this simple, yet intricate cosmetic procedure makes the face look cleaner and brings out the eyes.
Ramy, believes the most natural and sure way to PER-FECT the eyebrow is by tweezing. Ramy's "Beauty Therapy" staff is professionally trained by him, and his only method of eyebrow sculpting is  tweezing the brow. Ramy does not believe in waxing or threading.

I asked why does he only offer the one option and not the other two, he explained, "waxing can be very harmful to the skin and should never be done on sensitive areas of the face such as the eyebrow; from lip down is fine but never the eyebrow."

As for threading, he says "this form is better than waxing, but not everyone that threads should be performing this traditional art form; the only way to eliminate mishaps without "time contraint" is the tweezing method. The other forms may take out too much hair in which you have to wait for the hair to grow back in order to fix the damage." 

I'm definitely not a fan of waxing, but I do LOVE threading! However, I had a chance to see Ramy in action as one of the customer's  who recieved the "Eyebrow Intervetion" looked great after her consult.

If you didn't get a chance to attend the "Eyebrow Intervention Event", have no fear, the event has been so successful  they have no plans of ending it, so you can always look forward to next year's event! Until then, you can make an appointment at RAMYSPA conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan for a consultation
For Details on RAMYSPA checkout

Don't just stop there I was able to sample a few great products suggested by Ramy and I'm sold on them!

Ultimate Therapy Cream
Great for diminishing fine lines and blemishes while moisturizing!

Elixir Skin Conditioning Primer
Reduces Puffiness and Dryness for Smooth Complexion!

Sleep In Beauty Foundation
The Anti-Wrinkle/Anti-Blemish Tint for Luminous Complexion!

Lip Oils
For Men and Women, great oil to moisturize and get of dry cracked lips!

All RAMY products are developed by science and nature for maximum results to impove appearance...As Ramy's Motto states: "Minimum Makeup, Maximum Impact"

So if you're looking for some great new products, want a consult on your makeup and or eyebrows then you definitely need to checkout RAMY!

Facebook: RAMY Cosmetics
Youtube: Ramybeauty

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