Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Dulce Indulgence!

So I only tuned in the VH1'S Basketball Wives last season because of Tami Roman. (Yes, I've been a fan since The Real World) and eventhough the show is senseless drama, I'm compelled to tune in again this season!

I checked out Monday Night's Episode and I was straight swooning over both pairs of Evelyn's Butterfly earrings! Low and Behold I checked out Evelyn's website
Yes I found them under the accessories tab! *Pumps Fists* 
 The earrings are absolutely to die for and they both are part of the Evelyn Lozada Collection....Go Ev!

EAL - Viceroy

EAL - Monarch

Of course I couldn't just stop at the accessories!
I had to go in on the Shoes! (I could fill a whole post with nothing but her Haute Shoe Picks in the store, but I only narrow it to 2)

Checkout my Favorite HAUTE SHOE picks from Dulce


Le Silla


  1. Those are absolutely fabulous finds. Truly glamorous. I would love to own them all!

  2. Thanks doll and yes I want them all too! :)

  3. YES! I checked out her site too and the shoes are HOTTT!