Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blee Inara

Checkout My Latest Accessory Indulgence!


I absolutely love charms and especially the Evil Eye...Blee Inara's Collection of Harmony and Bliss Inspired Jewelry are: Trendy, Colorful and Unique 3 of my Favorite Qualities when it comes to Accessories! (A Girl Can Never Have To Many Accessories)

Stack Em' High or Keep It Simple, but Feel Peaceful and Balanced when wearing this harmonious collection!

Designer Ivonne Kino, caputures perfect symmetry with her uniques ideas. After realizing how important it is for people to find sentimental value in the jewelry they wear, she fulfilled a niche and it flourished into a very successful company that gives the designer extreme joy!

So find your own delight by purchasing something from Blee Inara!

Checkout My Favorite Picks Below
Evil Eye & Hamsa Necklace

Volcano Rock Eye Beaded Bracelet

Beaded Peace Bracelet

Freedom Wrap Bracelet

Wishbone and Evil Eye Earrings

Leaf Evil Eye Earring

Stretchy Anklet

Multiple Charm Ring


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