Monday, February 7, 2011



F ashion Lovers! Looking for a collection with Bold Innovation and a Futuristic Flow? Then look no further, explore Urbanite DESIGN.

Designer,   Dee Garcia, definitely knows how to capture creativity with the UBER “WOW” Factor!  Inspired by art to architecture, Dee designed Urbanite DESIGN concept fashion line for the neoteric “fashion warrior”.

Not only is Urbanite DESIGN an Eccentric Collection but it’s also an Eco-Green Conscious line. Consumers are guaranteed they are getting value and originality when making a purchase from Urbanite. All designs are reconstructed with modern embellishments, silhouette and design, making the functionality and aesthetic alluring!

Reviewing “The Rainbow Collection” I was drawn to Urbanite DESIGN. Dee’s use of color and fabric with her sassy and innovative designs definitely puts a unique stamp on the collection. So if you are looking to take your SWAG to the Next Level then checkout Urbanite DESIGN…HAUTE ground-breaking designs to ignite your inner URBANITE!

Dee would like to be known most for creating a niche in fashion by “Breaking ALL the Rules OF STYLE” with her one of a kind pieces.

Urbanite DESIGN is currently booking consultations in Los Angeles connect with designer @ In the next 5 years, Dee would like to emerge her fashions statewide and globally.

VIEW Fab pieces from Urbanite DESIGN Below

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