Friday, February 4, 2011

Black Female Fashion Icons in Entertainment

Fashion Divas of Entertainment

Lena Horne
June 30, 1917-May 9, 2010
A full fledged Renaissance woman, Lena Horne was a civil rights activist, a jazz singer, and actress. This noted beauty had impeccable style to match her sultry voice! 

Dorothy Dandridge
November 9, 1922-September 8, 1965
The First African American actress nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actress Category, this beauty had Haute Alluring Style! 

Billie Holiday
April 7, 1915-July 17, 1959
This noted Jazz singer and songwriter nicknamed "Lady Day" had a very vintage flair and made flowers a part of her signature style!

Josephine Baker
June 3, 1906-April 12, 1975
This peforming diva of the roaring 20's made her statement with the banana skirt, feathers and fingerwaves!

Eartha Kitt
January 17, 1927-December 25, 2008
Most known for her role as 'Catwoman' and song 'Santa Baby' this sexy vixen epitomized the word Seductive!

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