Monday, August 16, 2010

Live Life Fashionably-LLF Jewelry and Accessories

Celebrate the “Sparkle” in you, and checkout LLF Jewelry and Accessories! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
LLF (Live Life Fashionably) was started July 2010, by the lovely Cheresa Purnell.  “After months of hearing: Oh god! Where did you get that from?  I decided to try my luck by letting my friends by some of the pieces I pulled”.
Talk about remarkable! Ladies, I guarantee there is something to ignite the glamorous light inside of you, when you review this collection of Fabulous Jewelry and Accessories!  Offering “The Extreme Sparkle Collection” right now, Cheresa is working on the launch of “The Simple Shine Collection” in September and “The Fall Into Fabulous Collection” for Fall. Cheresa, wants to have a little something for everyone, and wants her customers to feel like they absolutely have to have the items from LLF! After all isn’t that what life is about, Living Fashionably?
Cheresa would eventually like to expand the line to unique accessories of purses, scarves, pendants, hair clips and watches. There’s also been talk of a men’s collection as well, which I’m sure will be equally as interesting!
LLF operates as a group right now on Facebook; A place where Fashionistas can join and checkout all the fabulous jewels picked personally by Cheresa for look and quality.  Every week there will be a SPECIAL PROMOTION as well as, WEEKLY CONTESTS and GIVEAWAYS of FREE MERCHANDISE! What more could a Fashionista wish for???
LLF is currently working on monthly jewelry shows and home jewelry shows for Chicagoan Fashionistas, to indulge in the Fabulously Fashionable Lifestyle! In the next few years, LLF would love to have an exclusive boutique, where women can enjoy the experience in Full Fashion Moda!
I urge you to checkout out this marvelous Jewelry Collection and follow them on their Fashion Extravaganza!  Checkout updates on LLF’s Blog  You can also join the LLF Jewelry and Accessories Group on Facebook and Follow on Twitter.
LLF Jewelry and Accessories: Your Destination to Sparklosity and Shinylicious!
Checkout a Few of My Favorite Pieces Below:
Two Finger Knuckle Ring

Church Hat Pearl Ring

Iridescent Rose/Butterfly Ring and Bangle Bracelet

Yellow and Multi-Color Rose Rings

Sparkle Hoop Earrings

 Tribal Sparkle Hoop Earrings

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