Thursday, August 5, 2010

BellaDonna Handbags

Looking for Unique, Fabulously Fun and Innovative Haute Handbags??? Look no further, BellaDonna Handbags is your destination to Ornamental Hippie Chic! Designer Sonique O’Neal started BellaDonna this summer and her handbags are already creating a buzz!
When asked how she came up with the name BellaDonna, Sonique responded “BellaDonna refers to a poisonous flower, but one that is very beautiful. Although the flower is poisonous God put it on earth for a reason. Knowing this, I believe God put me on Earth to make these dangerously beautiful handbags”.
With that being said BellaDonna is definitely my new “tempting indulgence”. Sparkly, Unique and Colorful, these handbags are definitely the ultimate accessory. However Sonique would like women to view the bags as a necessity, not an accessory….BellaDonna’s Motto: “It’s all in the bag”. Meaning BellaDonna has everything you need for the perfect outfit. No need for makeup, heels or even a good hair day; when you place a BellaDonna with your outfit, it takes care of it all!
Known exclusively for its exclusive clutches BellaDonna will soon expand in to other handbag styles, so stay tuned as I’m sure they will be extraordinary! BellaDonna will be featured on the runway in the Sun Rays & Stunna Shades Fashion Show August 6th at Club Primal in Atlanta. In the next few years Sonique would love for BellaDonna to be one of the premiere bag lines sold in exclusive boutiques all over the world. So keep an eye out for this Fashionista on the Rise!
You can find Bella Donna Handbags on and make a purchase by contacting Join the Group BellaDonna Handbags on Facebook and become a fan of @DamierHippie and @BellaDonnaHB on Twitter.
Checkout a few pieces from the BellaDonna Collection below!  I absolutely love the “Marc” Clutch!





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