Wednesday, August 8, 2012


As an Accessories Addict, I’m always thrilled when I come across a Designer who takes their vision to the next level!
Accessories Designer Ovila Lemon is doing just that, and leaving her unique mark in the Fashion World!

With an extensive background in Fashion, Ovila started out as a Footwear Designer, however, constantly embracing the need for Creative Expression, Ovila’s Line of Custom Made Fine Leather Accessories, wWOWw (Wear What Ovila Would Wear) was established in 2009.
Ovila’s desire to incorporate individuality with her own intensified and innovative ideas, will definitely give your style that added “WOW FACTOR”.

Each Custom Made piece of Ovila’s collection is exclusive to her technique of design; Ovila is constantly challenging her skill set to bring to life distinctive, one of a kind designs.

 I’m sure ladies will be jumping on the wWoWw  Buzz very soon as each of Ovila’s accessories are Fabulous Statement Pieces!

Pairing up with Clothing Designer, Alisha Trimble in September’s New York Fashion Week, you will find the wWoWw Collection gracing the catwalk!

If  you are looking to buy one of these eye-catching pieces, then browse Ovila’s site  and contact her for your custom piece today!

In the seasons ahead you can look forward to wWoWw’s expansion into handbags along with many more collaborations.

There’s no holding back for this Leading Ladie, so stay connected and get your wWoWw Fix!

Checkout Ovila’s Captivating Designs below:

"She Bangs" Headpiece
"The Guardian" Epaulette

"Bloom" Earrings
"Splendor" Glovette
"Rapture" Necklace

"Forever" Earrings
"Eternity" Hand Cuff

"Bloom" Earrings
"Bed of Roses" Pendant

"Rosebud" Earrings
"Nurse Betty" Hair Comb

"The Nile" Headpiece
"The Mayflower" Ring/Cuff Set

"She Sweeps" Earrings
"Edge" Cuff

To learn more about Ovila
her journey in this Luxurious Industry
Twitter: @Ahvehla


  1. Ovila is wonderful and her designs and skills are just wWoWw She can take what you envision in a design to the max and customize it. The results will make you say wWoWw. Ovila's Accessories added to your outfits will make the diva inside of you emerge. With that wWoWw factor you most definitely will be noticed. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Check her out on Facebook and hit like if you love her cause I know I do<3

  2. LOVE THERE JEWELRYYYYY. I LOVE IT ALL! If you need a statement piece look no further. I purchased a few pieces from her collection and i always get compliments! I always strive for things that make me look unique and stylist, and WWOWW does it all the time. Great blog Lady Chic.

  3. Hey lady, u know I love the pieces and will be supporting. You definitely have the statement pieces going and it's definitely the WwoWW factor. I wish you nothing but the BEST in your endeavors and your creativity is beyond amazing not only in your accessories but overall. I admire your drive and look out for my order soon. One love!!

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