Monday, March 14, 2011

The Tailored Jacket for Spring

Spring is Buzzing with many hot trends, but one that is surely sophisticated and versatile is the "Tailored Jacket"! The Tailored Jacket is great if you want to give the totally together look!

For the Dress-to-Impress Look
Tailored Jackets are great with dresses, skirts and slacks

For a more Casual and Fun Look
Tailored Jackets work great with Jeans and Leather Pants

Whatever the look you are trying to work, make sure it works for your body shape. Single Breasted and Double Breasted are not created equal. Any kind of detail in the wrong places can highlight parts of the body you would prefer to take a back seat, so be mindful! Think Classy and Chic; You'll get plenty of wearabily from a tailored jacket, so choose colors for optimal wearing such as black, navy, gray and beige.

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