Friday, March 25, 2011

Swimsuit Edition 2011-Finding the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Finding the right swimsuit can be very time consuming! Women are more than obsessive over their bodies. Every female wants to look and feel sexy, and part of that process is knowing what works for your body type!

Here are a few tips on picking the perfect swimsuit for your body type:

Small on Top

If you are small on top, lean towards tops with padding, underwire, and bandeau style these are a perfect compliment to a dainty frame!

Rosa Cha Bandeau Bikini

Big on Top

If you are big on top, you definitely need the extra support so opt for underwire, halter or one piece's with structure in the bust line.

Tommy Bahama Halter Bikini

Short Torso

With short legs/torso you can play off your figure with a suit that is high cut on the thigh, this will make your legs appear longer. If you have curvy hips even better, this cut will accentuate your smaller waistline.

Norma Kamali High Cut One Piece

Long Body Shape

For Long body shapes embellishments at the hip and bustline will be your new BFF!

Milly Hardwire Bkini

Too Much Tummy

If you have a bit of a pooch, one pieces with tummy control is the perfect choice!

Shape FX with Firm Control One Piece

Big On Bottom

Got junk in the trunk? Then the mini-skirt bikinis are oh so meant for you! Pick on with a skimming skirt that is short and sweet and covers what it needs to!

Plus Size Figure

Plus Size Fashions have come a long way and if you fit into the Full-Figured category then one pieces with lace or mesh inserts. A strategically placed cut-out or a deep V neckline can visually change your image.

Lane Bryant's Miraclesuit


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