Wednesday, February 29, 2012


When you hear "Butch" you think: Aggressive…Masculine…Androgynous!
When you hear "Diva" you think: Sexy…Feminine…Stylish and Boss Type Steez!

Designer, Tiffany Rhodes, put the 2 concepts together and created an exclusive model to describe her ideal customer and how she would carry herself!

Butch Diva is a custom design based company offering a brand new Ready To Wear Collection: SPANDEX + CHAOS, and let me tell you her designs are Extremely FIERCE!!!

Motivated by the passion instilled as a young child, Tiffany dedicated her time to her designs and created a movement by providing unique, noticeable pieces with the comfort and flexibility thus forming a distinctive technique.

Keeping her brand consistent with unusual graphics and prints, while offering customized services, has helped Butch Diva flourish and this is only the beginning!

Butch Diva has been sold in Patricia Fields,
but as they continuously sell out of her one of kind handmade designs, Butch Diva is currently being sold on

Tiffany is always using her heightened innovation to continuously expand!
 I’m sure within the years to come, Butch Diva will be sold in exclusive boutiques worldwide!

So if you are looking to add Extremely Haute ~ “Shock Value”~ to your wardrobe, then I urge you to checkout BUTCH DIVA, you won’t be disappointed!

Checkout some of the HAUTE and CHIC Pieces below:


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  1. Crazy outfits. I dont think Im brave enough to wear something like that, but I love it :)

  2. I need the black bodysuit in the second pic!!!!! so Fierce!!!

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  3. Oh Wow! Loving your look!


    Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa! x

  4. When I just saw those things, I know that almost all of the dress you wear are too tight to me. I just want to prefer the Slim Black Leather Jacket and some design fashion style brown motorcycle leather jacket are my favorite!