Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Unlock Your Style with Diary of Joli

Engineer by Day, Fashion Designer by Night, Joli’ Richard aka Denis Richard, wow’s us with her self-taught artistry as a Lover of Fashion….

Discreetly named “Diary of Joli’” a pseudonym used by the designer   to represent her

Fashion House

Diary of Joli, is just that, a memoir of inspiration created to “Unlock Your Style”.


Joli’ aims to produce classy, chic, avant garde fashions for the confident and independent  female. Each garment in the collection if carefully constructed to fit the shape of a woman’s body , with accentuated emphasis on the shoulders and back.  Joli’ puts the H in Haute when it comes to Haute Couture from this brand! Each piece is “Certified Sexy” and can transition from day to night!

As Fashion Great Edna Woolman Chase one said "Fashion can be bought, Style one must possess”; Joli’ believes just that and tries to convey it throughout her collection.

 So if you are not yet familiar with Diary of Joli, then keep an eye out for this Fashion House!

Currently slated to Rip the Runway in Phoenix Fashion Week’s Top 10 Emerging Designers, Joli’ is definitely making leeway with her brand…so stay tuned and stay connected and  show your support!

Make sure you VOTE for Joli’ Richard: Favorite Emerging Designer for Phoenix Fashion Week

Checkout Some of Joli's Fabulous Designs below

Checkout Diary of Joli
Twitter: @diaryofjoli
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